1. Rabble Rouser says:

    While the parents are away, children play!
    Sometimes they raid the liquor cabinet too!

  2. ECA says:

    Its the OLD Victorian age coming to HAUNT us again.
    Masters and Johnson?? did there study and found that we had ALL been programmed AGAINST our natural instincts..
    So, many people didnt know WHT to do/HOW to do/WHEN to do IT” that the population in the USA was falling.
    CHURCH tells us to be ABSTINENT..
    PARENTS dont tell us ANYTHING..
    WE will be separated by SEX.. boys schools and GIRLS schools..
    WE didnt/wernt allowed to PEEK/Experiment/LEARN about Each other or the OPPOSITE sex..what alternative DID/DO we have..?
    Im feeling like a SAILOR on a 2-10 year Cruise around the world..

  3. DanAu says:

    Guitar Hero – The NWO’s #1 weapon in population control – “No sex for YOU!”

  4. Rick Cain says:

    1) Liquor…check!
    2) Multiple horny women…check!
    3) Secluded apartment…check!
    4) Lingerie…check!
    5) Bed in Living Room…check!

    Oh look, video games! Dude fire’em up!


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