This apparently keeps getting pulled down from YouTube because Mormons don’t want outsiders to see their bizarre beliefs, including how the ‘negro race’ were cursed to be born with black skin. So, watch it while you can.

  1. cfk says:

    Nicely said. Another similarity between Mormonism and Scientology was their prophets’ ability to tap into narratives/imagery that profoundly influenced their chosen audiences. Indecipherable hieroglyphics and buried golden documents could qualify as the science fiction of the early 19th century. It’s also interesting to note how very American Mormonism and Scientology are, and the degree to which they lean heavily on the notion of personal revelation. In that way, they both stood opposed to the institutionally controlled revelation of Catholicism, linking them closely to Puritanism and other American Christian “cults”.

  2. mikeyman225 says:

    Mormons are crazy!

  3. Shubee says:

    I can understand why Mormons hate their creation beliefs being abbreviated to “the universe is inhabited because the Pantheon of Mormon gods had celestial sex” but that’s essentially what Mormons have told me.

  4. Rick Cain says:

    So Mormons are like Gou’ald?


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