Pilot diverts plane over teenager’s prayers — FYI.

A teenage airplane passenger using a Jewish prayer object caused a misunderstanding that led the captain to divert a Kentucky-bound plane to Philadelphia and prompted a visit from a bomb squad.

A 17-year-old boy on US Airways Express Flight 3079 from New York to Louisville was using tefillin, a set of small boxes containing biblical passages that are attached to leather straps, said Philadelphia police Lt. Frank Vanore.

When used in prayer, one box is strapped to the arm while the other box is placed on the head.

“It’s something that the average person is not going to see very often, if ever,” FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver said.

Found by Aric Mackey.

  1. RBG says:

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  2. KMFIX says:

    There was that one guy that got kicked off a plane for wearing a shirt that said “I’m not a terrorist” in Arabic…and I’d bet no one on that plane even knew it said that.

  3. ikapuza89 says:

    Hrmmm, where have I seen this before? Maybe here, two days ago?

  4. Animby says:

    Deja vu all over again!

    Dvorak meet Eideard.
    Eideard meet Dvorak.

  5. Buzz says:

    A guy strapping small boxes to his arms and his head in the name of religion. What could possibly go wrong here ?


  6. Cursor_ says:

    Let’s start out with the most obvious questions:

    A) There are Jews in Kentucky???????
    B) How did the above get past the yokels in Kentucky?
    C) Why divert all the way to Philadelphia. Was Ohio
    too busy?
    D) Why didn’t the TSA inspect those boxes ahead of
    time and flag the information for the flight?


  7. highaman says:

    Hahaha! Don’t you have religion education in public school in America? I mean here in Canada everyone with a secondary school diploma is supposed to learn that in class, even go to a synagogue. I guess all they teach you is “Jesus is Magic” blabla and no tolerance whatsoever … *sigh*

    Ignorance is bliss but when it fills you with unnecessary fear what is it good for ? ÜberMindControl ?

  8. Pikachu says:

    Considering that Israel very likely helped perpetrate 9/11, we *should* be concerned about Jews praying on airplanes.

    Search Youtube for “dancing israelis 9/11” or even “tunnel bomb 9/11”.

  9. ROB WEST says:

    It all boils down to common sense.
    Someone should write a book “A Thousand Ways To Tick off Security At An Airport”
    Yeah like you’re sitting next to someone on a plane attaching little boxes to themselves and you don’t think this could be a nut case?

  10. jeff says:

    #3 Classic example of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

    Or better yet, Dvorak not even reading his own blog!!!

    [Oh, no, something got posted twice. Wow, Call the police!! — j.c.d.]

  11. madtruckman says:

    wait a second…. this guy wasn’t like folding his hands and praying like most of us would think. if you READ the article it says he strapped boxes to his arms and head. now, being that airlines are overly cautious as it is, i would say this was a proper action for a plane, especially if he was asked to stop and show what was in the boxes. and, being that this was a 17 yr old kid, im gonna guess he was probably a smart ass and didn’t wanna show what was in his prayer boxes. it’s ok, john, nothing to see here….

  12. Dale says:

    The boxes weren’t on his lap or under a blanket..there’s no pleasing these people.

  13. Floyd says:

    While I’ve lived in several cities in the US, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone using tefillin for prayer, and I’ve lived in two cities with Orthodox congregations.

    Come to think of it, though I used to be Catholic, I’ve rarely seen people use rosaries for prayer other than when some is dying in a hospital or before a funeral.

    The kid should have told a stewardress about the tefillin and the beforehand, just because.

    #6: Comparative Religion isn’t something that is taught in American schools, except at the college level.

  14. deowll says:

    #4 They’ve been doing it for oh maybe 3,000 years. I’m sure they’ve seen about every insane reaction to this behavior by others you can imagine.

    #6 Actually the people that read the Bible know about phylacteries.

    It’s the people that don’t who are abysmally ignorant on this topic and think passages from the Torah are Bible passages and bombs.

    In the United States freedom of religion is
    thought of by many to mean nothing relating to Judaic Christian religion shall be taught in the public schools.

    #7 Dementia

    #8 Everyone’s religious beliefs that don’t coincide with yours is of course a nut case? That still doesn’t excuse the person who doesn’t share a belief for being ignorant about the belief.

    #10 Your point of view is easily understood. Unfortunately I suspect setting next to you is what has them praying even more. I know you are oblivious to how you come across but you read like an obnoxious religious bigot that goes around trying to impose their religious views on others even at times and places it might be expected to buy you a knuckle sandwich from a person trying to be pacifist. First they pray due to being stressed over take off or because this is the normal time and then they pray for God to give them the strength not to strangle you.

    Of course the tactful thing for me to have done is to have simply ignored the original article and all the BS it inspired but we posters are rarely tactful. I wonder how many of us are actively avoided by others in real life?

    Take care and may God bless and keep each of you.

  15. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Did his prayer sound anything like “Abracadabra”? Such prayers have often been known to result in the unanticipated appearance of objects or animals inside the boxes, so erring on the side of caution is wise. I once saw a large tiger appear as a result of such a prayer, and tigers are not allowed to be loose on an airliner.

    Snakes on a plane can also wreak havoc 😉

  16. Hmeyers says:

    Common sense: Don’t do weird religious shit on an airplane or at an airport.

  17. TThor says:

    And he really had to do that right then???

    Playing around with religious ‘boxes’ in a jumpy society what concerns terrorism…. really???

    He had it coming. What a moron!

    And for what it is worth – I hate religious people of any shape or form… mumbojumbo that only creates hatred and fear. Just look back in history and you’ll see what misery “God on our side” and “Got mit Uns” has created.

  18. beej says:

    #16 “weird religious shit”

    Isn’t that doubly redundant?

  19. Angel H. Wong says:

    You know the TSA is going downhill when even the Jews are being molested by the officials.

  20. yanikinwaoz says:

    In the Sikh faith, you must always carry a dagger in your belt. Here is an article about an incident in the UK where a Sikh got into a tussle with airport security when they would not let her board with her dagger.

    Seriously, what good has religion ever done?

  21. Father says:

    One could argue that A BOMB is a religious object for the terrorists, and should be tolerated if prayer and tefillin are to be tolerated. That is a crazy argument of course.

    I’m all in favor for flying naked if no one is allowed to bring on Personal Items of any sort.

  22. Faxon says:

    These things are just wrong wrong wrong looking. Really f-ing weird-ass religion, I’d say. Like all religions. The worst thing that ever happened to our planet, religion.

  23. Dallas says:

    All religions of the world should come together and agree on one worship article to use while on a plane. Really, in the name of safety.

    The troll doll makes sense for this. It works well for bingo so why not for flights?

  24. Nobody says:

    Today an El-Al flight was diverted because a passenger had a gold statue of a jew being tortured around her neck.

  25. Uncle Patso says:

    I learned about Phylacteries and their use in (Catholic) school. Grade school? High school? Don’t remember.

    # 7 Cursor_:
    “Let’s start out with the most obvious questions:

    A) There are Jews in Kentucky???????
    B) How did the above get past the yokels in Kentucky?
    C) Why divert all the way to Philadelphia. Was Ohio too busy?”

    Okay, in order:
    A) Yes, Louisville (where the flight was bound) has a thriving Jewish community. In some neighborhoods, even the Kroger grocery stores have Kosher sections.
    B) It didn’t — it got past the yokels at New York’s La Guardia airport, where the flight originated. I guess they didn’t think the things were that unusual…
    C) On a flight from NYC to Louisville, Philadelphia is right on the way. Ohio would have been farther.

    Not all Kentuckians are yokels, though there are, of course, some. But there are yokels everywhere, including New York and other large cosmopolitan cities. Just look at the ignorant boobies Jay Leno gets to appear on his fake quiz show skit. Or some of the people who post here.

  26. TheCommodore says:

    I like kosher food.

  27. Buzz says:

    New Rule:

    No religious activity of ANY kind will be tolerated after slipping the surly bonds of earth.

    No costumes, no headdress, no jewelry, no artifacts, no praying, no mentioning of any deity, no proselytizing, no swearing, no hymns, no damning (unless simple “damn”), no sign language, no arcane symbols traced out by finger on the tray table and no religious reading material will be permitted in the passenger cabin.

    Passengers not complying will be rendered unconscious by the Flight Anesthesiologist for the duration of the flight.


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