Things seem to have changed a bit since I was a young’un.

They don’t give their names, but viewers can see their faces plainly and what these teens are saying is shocking parents.

“I ended up having sex with more than one person that night and then in the morning I was trying to get morning-after pills,” one of the girls said. “I was, like, 14 at the time.”

[…]After four years researching for the documentary, [Canadian filmmaker Sharlene] Azam told “Good Morning America” that oral sex is as common as kissing for teens and that casual prostitution — being paid at parties to strip, give sexual favors or have sex — is far more commonplace than once believed.

“If you talk to teens [about oral sex] they’ll tell you it’s not a big deal,” Azam said. “In fact, they don’t consider it sex. they don’t consider a lot of things sex.”

Evidence of this casual attitude may be seen in the fact that more than half of all teens 15 to 19 years old have engaged in oral sex, according to a comprehensive 2005 study by the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics.

In the documentary, “Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss,” girls as young as 11 years old talk about having sex, going to sex parties and — in some extreme situations — crossing into prostitution by exchanging sexual favors for money, clothes or even homework and then still arriving home in time for dinner with the family.

There’s a movie coming out based on the true story of “a group of high school girls that agreed to get pregnant, take care of their babies together and, presumably, live happily ever after.”

  1. Waaah! says:

    Born 30 years too early.

  2. Steve S says:

    “If you talk to teens [about oral sex] they’ll tell you it’s not a big deal,” Azam said. “In fact, they don’t consider it sex. they don’t consider a lot of things sex.”
    This attitude is nothing new. Just ask former president Bill Clinton.

  3. jccalhoun says:

    These reports about teenagers sex lives are almost always total crap or blown way out of proportion. Notice how the story only has quotes from girls? That’s not designed to scare parents or anything…

    Evidence of this casual attitude may be seen in the fact that more than half of all teens 15 to 19 years old have engaged in oral sex
    If you can find a 19 year old that hasn’t had oral sex at least once it would be more remarkable than hitting the lottery.

    Remember when you were in high school? No one ever lied about their sexual escapades or how much they drank or did drugs or anything…

  4. mayor bloomburger says:

    This non-news is the same as “drugs in high school flow like water” or “fight clubs are everywhere” – total hype stories fabricated to freak out parents with. Better lock up your daughters … EVERYONE is having sex parties! She’s probably already a prostitute!

  5. Waltersobchack says:

    The video cracked me up.

    Thanks for the laugh Uncle Dave.

  6. qb says:

    Johnny Carson, aka “Carnac the Magnificent”:

    Answer: “Eggs benedict and oral sex”
    Question: “Name two things you won’t get at home”

  7. RBG says:

    “She’s probably already a prostitute!”

    No, I’m sure her parents are very proud.


  8. RBG says:

    All this constant sex stuff…

    You almost get the idea that these kids are consumed with creating new human life.


  9. RTaylor says:

    When you get my age, oral sex is a quiet house and eating a bowl of ice cream with your partial plates out. A bit of chocolate syrup and you have an orgy.

  10. Mikey Twit says:

    If that’s the case, I wish my wife would kiss me goodnight more often! 🙁

  11. meintsd says:

    That looks like the new receptionist on “the office”

  12. jccalhoun says:

    it is the actress who plays the new receptionist on The Office

  13. Micromike says:

    Bullshit! Written by dirty old men who wish they could get some pussy and are jealous of people who get it regularly and easily.

  14. Mikey Twit says:

    I agree. All this is alarmist crap to scare parents. They just highlight the extreme/exception cases, and try to sell it as, “They’re all doing this! The moral fiber of the future is in peril! The sky will fall! AHHHH!”

    Teens maybe immature, but they are not stupid as a rule.

  15. McCullough says:

    #11. Yep, I was wondering where I had seen her.

  16. qb says:

    Ellie Kemper on the video:

    “I’m a bit uncomfortable about that video because I always think of my family seeing it,” she admits, “but it got people’s attention. I was on the Upper West Side depositing a check and this guy said, ‘I love your video! You can have free wine at my wine shop anytime you want!’ So it has opened doors.”

  17. ECA says:

    I want a BS meter on this study..
    I also want to see where they studied and do my own PERSONAL study to verify…

    WHO is putting out all these studies to scare people??

  18. deowll says:

    The last data I had on the pact was that it didn’t exist and the number of high schoolers that got pregnant wasn’t staggering. They had a TV show based on the same thing on last night. I forget which channel.

    How common this sort of thing is depends on the group and the community.

  19. ray says:

    I cannot find girls like this. This article is a total sham.

  20. John E. Quantum says:

    In the same way that a lot of people didn’t get much action in ’67 (the summer of love) I bet a whole lot of teenagers aren’t getting head today. Except the ones having affairs with their teachers.

  21. Animby says:

    I graduated HS in the late sixties. I tell you, I had a lot more oral sex then than I do now! Wish I’d appreciated it more. As to the survey, in the 60s or now, I’m more surprised the ‘half have done it’ figure isn’t higher. Leaving out most of those who couldn’t get a date after the apocalypse, or geeks who live only for their PSPs, I’d be surprised if it weren’t closer to 80 or 90%.

    And didn’t we see this same story (or very similar) last year only substituting ‘anal’ for ‘oral’? Now that would have left my HS class out of the picture. Hell, I had to get married for that and it still took me five years of begging…

  22. ECA says:

    For you older folks out there..
    Who remembers that WE’ ALWAYS had something to do?
    Hobbies, crafts, Dances, THINGS to keep us busy..
    WE had things around the HOUSE to do, ALL the time.
    If the parents found us?? they told us SOMETHING ELSE to do..

    YES, kids need to learn about life.
    So whats the PROBLEM??

  23. Dallas says:

    I’m pretty sure that was John Stossel at Fox on an assignment to catch a predator.

  24. brm says:


    I was thinking the same thing. Sex in exchange for homework? Cripes!

  25. jescott418 says:

    We have high school girls in our town who think its great to get pregnant. Its like a fad, everyone wants a cute baby. As a father on a 12 year old. I got a news flash for them! Trouble is that girls don’t baby sit as much as they used too. They really do not experience the whole baby thing. Just the high spots. I guess we will have a society of poor young mothers on Obama care. Great!

  26. Guyver says:

    Not surprising that in a social health care system that teens are probably more likely to do such things when they don’t have to face the consequences of their own actions. All hail the nanny state.

    Government good. Family values bad.

  27. The0ne says:

    She’s cute, name? 🙂 I’ll pay!

  28. Dallas says:

    That is one fugly ass girl

  29. Uncle Dave says:

    #27: Ellie Kemper

    #28: Then you haven’t seen her on The Office as the new receptionist. Very hot!

  30. Rick Cain says:

    And of course I missed out on all this stuff when I was in highschool.

    Those popular kids and their…makeout parties.


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