Warning: Coarse language!

  1. bobbo, a student of the profane says:

    Coarse Language? -Where?_

    I missed it.

    “Punter” was the worst I heard. Means nothing in the USA and close to nothing everywhere else?

    or was it “News Wipe?”–too scatological for ya? High level of sensibilities unless I missed it totally. Did you post the correct clip?

    Please DON”T say you were being sarcastic.

    [Ed. – listen between seconds 21 to 26]

  2. Bastian says:

    I think more laser beheadings could perk up a few broadcasts.

  3. Cursor_ says:



  4. tdkyo says:

    This is a short, mostly content-less, typical interwebz comment.

    heh, the video is too brilliant to follow…..

  5. M0les says:

    Bobbo #1, I think it was the sentence:

    “While ignoring all the pricks milling around him like he’s gliding through the fucking matrix.”

    All-in-all a clever and funny sketch.

    If you want some _more_ offensive British news parodies, have a look at the “Brass Eye” shows.

  6. brian t says:

    I think “Newswipe” is designed to sound almost the same as “Newsnight”, the BBC’s flagship in-depth news program (like 60 Minutes in the USA). At least the BBC can laugh at its own clichĂ©s…

  7. bobbo, how much reality am I missing? says:

    Thanks. “Maybe” my browser garbled a few words, or maybe I was only paying attention to relevant content. both happen quite regularly. Makes short reading of most blog sites.

    Yes, NOW I’m shocked, appalled, and dismayed.

  8. Winston says:


  9. hhopper says:

    I wonder what Faxon thinks about this?

  10. Ron Larson says:

    He forgot the “It is all the fault of those overweight, overbearing, ignorant Americans” that they have to insert into any BBC show.

  11. LEH says:

    It’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide!


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