Despite the apparent bias of many climate researchers, they do have one thing right; carbon levels have risen notably over the twentieth century from about 300 ppm to 375 ppm. While still far from the estimated levels of around 3,000 ppm during the time of the dinosaurs (appr. 150 MYA), the rising levels do mark a legitimate trend. However, there is increasing evidence that the rising carbon, contrary to alarmist reports is actually having remarkably little effect on global temperatures.

A new study authored by Susan Solomon, lead author of the study and a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colo. could explain why atmospheric carbon is not contributing to warming significantly. According to the study, as carbon levels have risen, the cold air at high altitudes over the tropics has actually grown colder. The lower temperatures at this “coldest point” have caused global water vapor levels to drop, even as carbon levels rise.

Water vapor helps trap heat, and is a far the strongest of the major greenhouse gases, contributing 36–72 percent of the greenhouse effect. However more atmospheric carbon has actually decreased water vapor levels. Thus rather than a “doomsday” cycle of runaway warming, Mother Earth appears surprisingly tolerant of carbon, decreasing atmospheric levels of water vapor — a more effective greenhouse gas — to compensate.

Describes Professor Solomon, “There is slow warming that has taken place over the last 100 years. But from one decade to another, there can be fluctuations in the warming trend.”

The study was published in the prestigious journal Science.

  1. McCullough says:

    Is that an iPad on the bears lap?

  2. deowll says:

    #6 In a way I do agree with you. We do have to fear change because we are adapted to things as they are now. Agriculture on which we all depend for our food can cease to feed us when major changes occur. Unfortunately for us any study of climate over long time spans shows that the climate has always changed and has never been truly stable even at the best of times.

    There is some very solid evidence that climate has even changed dramatically over very short time spans for reasons that are clear in some cases such as major volcanic eruptions and much less than clear in other cases.

    When such changes occur in the future we will do what we have always done; adapt or perish.

    The rules are simple: you play the hand you are dealt.

  3. acc says:

    Detached Eyelid: “We need to sit back, collect data for a couple hundred years than analyze it and see if there’s a problem.”

    We already have immense amount of data. Some data span millions of years. And all prove that the CO2 is the major cause. Moreover, it is proved that once there’s too much CO2 in the air nothing that can revert the climate back.

    Sticking your head in the sand won’t help.

  4. Ah_Yea says:

    I’m still waiting for all the CAT 5 hurricanes, flooding coastlines, famines, raging fires, and Polar bears falling out of the sky that we’ve been promised.

  5. ECA says:

    Umm, NO.
    The best collection we have is from China. In written form, and only goes back about 1500-200 years.
    After tht point, we use BIG forecasts. what that is, is collections that sample 100-200 years at a time.
    The problem is we SAMPLE what we are seeing.
    Lets say it this way..

    WE get those ice cores…
    Test them, and we find..THIS, and THAT, and something else..but we dont FIND things that Mix and freeze in the ICE CORES. Things that are HIGH in our air, floating around, that never come to earth/ground to be frozen into the ice, or cant be frozen into the ice.

    We also cant sample much of the earth, as there are only a few areas that can HOLD materials from the air for long terms. try sampling gravel from Rock.. And the main place we get samples is the south pole..not the North the North pole is FLOATING.

  6. soundwash says:

    /bangs head on wall

    omg you people are gullible..

    Hellooo….they lied once about CO2 data and got busted.. -Do you REALLY think they are going to stop? -ever hear of contingency plans?

    CO2 is the Banker’s poster child to fund the NWO-Global Government scam. They will keep pumping out CO2 BULLSH*T until it sticks, capisce? They know zip, nada, NOTHING about how the weather works, or anything else for that matter..all our science is a friggin hoax.

    Electric Universe, Electric Weather, remember? here is a funky Electric Universe site that an Italian made.. lots of pics to make you *think* -try it. This study is a setup for the next CO2 “crisis” -look at the language..

    They failed with CO2/AGW so now their going to start “creating data” that suggest CO2 removes/reduces water vapour. -less water vapour, less clouds will form. less clouds, less rain..

    The next “study” will show THIS is why we have all these droughts and water shortages..-blaming high CO2 for driving moisture out of the atmosphere.. the CO2 boogie man will rise again! of course.. they fail to tell you how *where* the water went…we shouldn’t concern ourselves with that, right?

    dig this trick phrase from the journal: More limited data suggest

    so they figured all this out with incomplete data? “real science” uses empirical and complete data before “getting peer reviewed”

    “more limited data” -translations: A LOT of “limited” data..

    their data is so skimpy that it can only “suggests” -and not “prove”, *anything* This is not science, it’s dogmatic-faith.

    the phrase “more data” is common and familiar to the subconscious.- “we need more data!” “more limited” -is not.

    the average joe skimming this study is more likely to remember or “think” he read “more data” -rather than “more *limited* data” This neural linguistic programming at its best, folks. they been doing this (fking w/your head) -for decades. -with *everything*

    this study is perfect example of fake, phony pseudo science. if you believe this crap, your ignorant. -this is not science. our science is pure fraud and speculation meant only to further an agenda, -not true science. Its everywhere..hidden in plain sight. -you need only look.

    -maybe you’ll understand more when i say “clues for the clueless” now.

    Don’t forget kiddies, right after the scheduled 2010 food shortage/crisis, they have a “water shortage” in store for us. -the flooding/freezing/snow wiped out the fall harvest.. (check food/grain futures for march and july. the cost is going *way up*) -stock up.

    why do you think recently, they took the word “navigable” out from “navigable waters” -and just left “waters” in the Clean Water Act…? this now gives uncle sam control over “all” waters, not just navigable waters (by boat) -including “standing pools” (puddles) and wells on YOUR private property…

    think about all these -PLEASE.

    -snap out if the stupor that have put us all in. there is little time as we know it, left.


  7. acc says:

    ECA, have you heard about geology? You wouldn’t believe how much can be read from the rocks.

    Imagine that: 4 billion years ago the Sun was “colder” so the only thing that we know that was able to keep the liquid water on the Earth was a greenhouse gas — CO2. There are also records that the early life was dependent on CO2, only later oxygen (which is toxic) came to the atmosphere more and more.

    Through the 4 billion years CO2 does what it does and people who stick their head in the dirt and sing “la la la it doesn’t exist” won’t change that. Earth doesn’t care, but if they prevail the humanity will be in real trouble.

  8. ECA says:

    It would be interesting to CLEAN up the american/english language.
    1 word to mean WHAT IT IS..
    MANY ways to disclaim what you are saying..
    May, could, would, possibly, probably, might be, likely, potentially, seemingly, apparently, believably, possible, seemingly, perchance, perhaps, conceivable, obtainable, ….
    we have so many words that can make a promise, NOT a promise. That it is almost stupid.

    We can not be secure in what people are telling us anymore. and over the last 40+ years, we have listened and Postulated for someone to follow thru on their recommendations.. and failed to comprehend that they are wishing for the SAME thing only 1/2 the time.

  9. soundwash says:


    -3/4 of the geology we are taught is false.

    -trusting government funded research will only lead you astray.

    Try the Dragonstorm Project for some insight on real causes of much of the geological formations we see.. Plasma Geology is the true geology.

    Then, *every day*, read the The Electric/Plasma Universe’s Sister site’s: Thunderbolts Project’s TPOD: -Thunderbolt Picture of the day. 5 minutes a day is all i ask with TPOD.

    You may also wish to have quick read on Electric Weather.

    The Truth will set your mind free.

    (note and is all authored by plasma & electrical engineers and physicists, mostly from Australia


    (ECA, you would do well follow the above advice as well. Your heart is in the right place, but like all of us, you have been incorrectly taught the nature of everything.

  10. ECA says:


    What was alive when all the CO2 was here?? not humans..
    ANd they just declared that the numbers they THOUGHT for the life of our sun was wrong, and was changed about 1 year ago?? ITS SHORTER. yes, by a couple billion years, but shorter.

    YES, we can tell a few things baout the past thru ROCKS.. we can even tell you that the Oceans cover MORE of the planet, for a LONGER time, then we have been Humans.
    What we cant tell you..Is if there was MORE WATER, HIGHER WATER, OCEANS THAT WERENT AS DEEP, or what. WE can show where the water was 300 feet DEEPER…and we can show where it was 300 feet LOWER..

    And if you read my first post. #27.
    The Earth has been ANIMAL LESS allot longer then animals have been on this planet.

    My point on #35.. you cant tell, DAY BY DAY cant TELL weather year by year, you cant tell the weather patterns, ANY CLOSER then about 1000 year increments.. AND you cant tell ALLOT about certain areas. They are volcanic, or long term SWAMPS.

  11. acc says:

    ECA and soundwash, thank you for your magnificent replies. Even was not able to even dream about the possibility of becoming such deep and thoughtful responses. You are going to be my long time inspiration in all the following discussions with the people who believe the same as you. I wish you many more such comments in the future. God bless you (Mt 5:3)


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