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  1. Father says:


  2. Patrick H. says:

    One acronym for the FBI. TOR aka The Onion Router.

  3. deowll says:

    They see you heading for TOR and they know all they need to know to get a warrant depending on the judge. If you aren’t doing something illegal whey go there? At least that would be their argument.

    Not every product Apple has come up with turns to gold and I’m thinking the Ipad is one of the ones that don’t. There are several things they could do to make them more flexible. The camera for video conferences. Flash for watching video. Optional hard drive at a reasonable price so you could store enough video you don’t need an AT & T connection all the time because you need to purge and download all the time and you could even store the video from your camera when you go on vacation. Two USB ports and the ability to connect and use a regular keyboard not to be confused with the stand. It would also be nice to be able to hook up to flash drives and external drives.

    Sure you can buy the largest flash drive offered but that pushes the price into the ridiculous range. This thing lacks the utility of a good net book and I’m not about to pay as much for it a good laptop.

    Steve Jobs has gotten along just fine without taking my advice and I don’t think he cares what I think now but the above suggestions would make the device a lot more flexible.


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