Last one? I think so.

  1. lakelady says:

    last one? then why were next years dates on the large banner as you left the Expo? Also – what day and what time of day was this filmed? Both can make a great deal of difference in how busy it seems.

  2. qb says:

    Totally off topic, but the HP Airlife 100 looks like it’s got potential. (Yes, I love gadgets).

  3. pedro says:

    #26 Because mac has always loved to shoot itself on the foot? Just a thought.

    And thanks for the macfan apology you threw there to defend your gods decision to not attend anymore. Lacking any hint of dignity thus demonstration you should be at least a grade 30 macfan.

    #31 I stand corrected. You’re lightyears more pathetic than #26.

    #32 No wonder you like it. It look exactly as a mac toy

  4. qb says:

    pedro, and you own and use what?

  5. pedro says:

    #34 What does what I use has to do with the mactoy look of that HP thing you mentioned?

  6. qb says:

    I thought so

  7. lens42 says:

    This was perfect. This is was exactly the way I would have walked the room, with just about the same attention span. I missed this year, but now it feels like I went, but without 3 hours of driving, $20 gas, and $20 parking fees.


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