Last one? I think so.

  1. Ron Larson says:

    The group behind this expo should take a note from North Korea. (

    They should create the annual birthday celebration of their messiah, Steve Jobs. Call it AppleCon, JobsCon, Church of Jobs, whatever.

    The faithful from around the world would come once a year to worship. They would have to perform 10 laps around Apple HQ on Infinity Drive at least once in their life. They would then be required to throw stones (or shoes) at an effigy of Bill Gates.

  2. qb says:

    Ron Larson said “They would then be required to throw stones (or shoes) at an effigy of Bill Gates.”

    Bill Gates? Nobody has hated Gates for years.

  3. sargasso says:

    All expos are experiencing the same fall-off in attendances. This is not indicative of Apple, which is among the best performing technology companies in the world. I recently attended an industrial machine tool conference, which was half the size of the previous year.

  4. #10 Yeah, my huge entourage was missing.

    And now that some of you mention it, there were no noteworthy booth babes to be seen anywhere. Or I missed them. Only after watching the video did I realize it. The show was more like a flea market than a jazzy trade show.

  5. sargasso says:

    Looks like a veterans convention.

  6. jescott418 says:

    These types of events are dead. Apple knew it and was wise to pull out. I never understood why Apple never just showed at places like the Electronics shows. Why have something so exclusive? You already have Apple fans at things like MacWorld. But electronic shows would get yourself exposed to user’s who may not be Apple fans? But as John D said the Apple stores already are a platform for Apple and its products. Why do you need anything like MacWorld?

  7. Personality says:

    I would have expected more fat people. Are they at the Microsoft events?

  8. Zybch says:

    #23 So you didn’t see any of the coverage of CES this year then, eh?

  9. hhopper says:

    What happened to the beautiful HD video you took in the past?

  10. Cephus says:

    That was absolutely pathetic, there are local monthly computer shows that are bigger than the annual Macworld and attract a lot more people too.

  11. lakelady says:

    last one? then why were next years dates on the large banner as you left the Expo? Also – what day and what time of day was this filmed? Both can make a great deal of difference in how busy it seems.

  12. qb says:

    Totally off topic, but the HP Airlife 100 looks like it’s got potential. (Yes, I love gadgets).

  13. pedro says:

    #26 Because mac has always loved to shoot itself on the foot? Just a thought.

    And thanks for the macfan apology you threw there to defend your gods decision to not attend anymore. Lacking any hint of dignity thus demonstration you should be at least a grade 30 macfan.

    #31 I stand corrected. You’re lightyears more pathetic than #26.

    #32 No wonder you like it. It look exactly as a mac toy

  14. qb says:

    pedro, and you own and use what?

  15. pedro says:

    #34 What does what I use has to do with the mactoy look of that HP thing you mentioned?

  16. qb says:

    I thought so

  17. lens42 says:

    This was perfect. This is was exactly the way I would have walked the room, with just about the same attention span. I missed this year, but now it feels like I went, but without 3 hours of driving, $20 gas, and $20 parking fees.