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  1. dusanmal says:

    Want effective stealth guard dog – try Alaskan Malamute. They have very primitive instincts, one of which is not a guarding instinct. Instead they use their hunting instinct for the same purpose. Malamutes do not bark in general and if protecting something they hide in an ambush. Another consequence is that they simply do not understand deterrent barking, posturing and even controlled biting – those do not make sense in a hunt. Instead they go for a kill.

    On “cloud” topic: To dominate “cloud” should have arisen at the time of low performance hardware and high performance networking. That never happened. In this time of high performance cheap hardware and good networking I predict another version arising and dominating: “personal cloud” – Information stored for sharing at home/work networked disks/computers. We are seeing some budding services of this type emerge recently. Those are the winners. All what Google,Amazon,… can give you with performance and access you control.

  2. sargasso says:

    #1. totally creeped out. thanks.

  3. Improbus says:

    I watched the show on Miro last night and the sound was a wee bit out of sync with the video. Just FYI for your post production staff.

  4. Rufus says:

    The cloud is horrible for about 10 reasons:

  5. Dale says:

    Good panel..

  6. deowll says:

    Good panel interesting thoughts.

    One place a lot of us are going is putting information on line so we can access it anywhere. I use for this others use Microsoft. I suppose you could use others sites.

    A major issue I suspect is a lot of people do not now and didn’t in the past record a lot of what they were thinking because somebody could cause them pain if those thoughts or the verbiage they used to express them became public information.

    Your thoughts are still private and as long as your observed or suspected behavior is within accepted norms you can expect to be only subjected to normal amounts of harassment.

    If it becomes known that you exceed those norms because you have expressed thoughts or used verbiage that offends someone they may make your life truly wretched or at least less pleasant.

    Think Richard Nixon, Tiger Woods, Obama, anybody that uses words such as the N word or retard at any time under any circumstances though that only hints at how broad the problem is.

    I’m afraid that like the President I’ve tried to tell people that going to Lost Wages Nevada and blowing their bank roles is not a good thing to do and it does upset people. In fact any honest opinion anybody expresses about anything is going to upset somebody sooner or later if they find out about it.


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