“You want to filibuster MY bill? I’ll see you at dawn, sir!”

I can see it now. Replace the Sunday morning talking head shows with the Political Duel of the Week.

What if we re-introduced dueling to Washington?

No more dueling press-release rhetoric harmlessly flying across Capitol Hill. No more interminable floor debates or town halls producing empty promises that go unfulfilled anyway. Presidents would be exempt, of course, because it costs so much money to buy them.

But if, say, some Democrat senator called a Republican president a liar, the chief executive could designate a second. So, Harry Reid vs. David Petraeus at sun-up.

Dueling could helpfully whittle down one side’s ruling majority without waiting for tedious and expensive elections. Quicker even than term limits. And Sarah Palin’s certainly qualified for this! Be good TV ratings too probably.
Have those elected political folks put their own bodies where their overblown rhetoric is. See if that tones things down a bit on the sound bites that pass for political dialogue these days. A Republican leader insults Reid’s secret healthcare legislation deals and in his own Nevada dialect Harry could challenge a duel.

Reid’s a much smaller target than Republican Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell. And they both wear spectacles.

  1. Tech_1 says:

    silly artical

  2. GetReal says:

    Seeing the bastards chicken out would be very amusing – and they all would.

    Howwever, for the BS to stop, the MSM would have to step up and do the job they have been avoiding for decades – namely, exposing BS where and when they see it, and naming names – loudly, clearly and repeatedly.

    Fat chance. They are lazy cowards who are far too comfortable to take, what they see as, risks.

    Actually, I think it would give a boost to their profits.

  3. TooManyPuppies says:


    Add to that making it a PPV event, it’ll solve our budget problems overnight!

  4. Gildersleeve says:

    Hmm, wouldn’t that tend to favor the pro-gun conservatives? I mean, isn’t this site a bastion of liberals? Think of the types that would start running for Congress is this were brought back? Texas carpetbaggers everywhere!! Well except here in Michigan I suppose.

  5. cakes says:

    Deadeye Dick (Cheney) would dominate the hill, oh wait he already has for the last quarter century.

  6. The Warden says:

    I love how the libtards in the media and blogs complain about gridlock when it hurts their agenda but are all for it when it stops a Republican agenda. You never heard these silly notions when GWB was president. And talking about not hearing about certain things, where are all the anti war people out marching and demonstrating against Obama, who is pretty much walking the same path that GWB took. That’s what you can expect from the hypocrites that call themselves “progressives?”

  7. The Warden says:


    Sorry to inform you that Cheney was pretty much frozen out during Bush’s second term. But I don’t expect ill informed partisan hacks like you to know of such things when you are just part of the echo chamber sounding off lies to make yourself feel better.

  8. admfubar says:

    do they get automatic weapons? and are they wrapped in dynamite ,nitroglycerin, and plutonium?

    if so i’m all for i!!!

  9. bac says:

    #6 – The same for all those budget minders today, where were they during the Bush administration?

    That’s what you can expect from the hypocrites that call themselves “republicans?”

  10. sargasso says:

    No. Duelling is so passe. And Republicans can shoot. Hilary vs. Sarah at ten paces? No, definitely not.

  11. The Warden says:


    You have no argument from me. Many Pubes got drunk with power and went along with Bush on the domestic spending spree. It’s why it will be interesting to see how the Pubes try to reclaim the fiscal policy they abandoned under Bush. But do the pubes finally get it?

  12. TooManyPuppies says:

    @ Warden

    Actually, I have been calling for this since 1990. Eradication of the head-in-the-ass mentality of left/right is the best way to get this country on track. Nothing more than slapping a fake brand on the same product.

  13. Glenn E. says:

    In a slightly different vane. I think all the politicians in Congress, should be paid by their individual States. Not by the federally funded feed trough. That way, State’s citizens could reign in what their elected reps are doing, on a paycheck by paycheck basis. And not, just every four to six years, at election time. Also, Federal revenue, should come from States. Not directly from the citizen’s paychecks. This double dipping system has gotten out of hand. And since Congress won’t curb its spending habits. Then the States should have some roll in saying how much of our tax dollars they can siphon from State revenues. And of course, deficit has to come to a complete halt.

    This is just taxing everyone’s paycheck, savings and pensions. By making US currency worth less, over time, as they create more or it, electronically. Oh yeah. And if the government won’t stop spending money it doesn’t collect. Then allow each State to print their own currency as well. And citizens can chose to be paid by with either. But only spend their State’s currency, within the State. This way, savings in local banks, would be less prone to inflation, than the national currency. Banks would also act as exchanges for currency between States. Those traveling far, would naturally use the National currency. Or a debit card that’s electronically billed to their home bank.

    I know, this could get complicated. But Congress has forced this on us. They’re the ones who have complicated it, so they can get away with whatever they please. a separate local currency isn’t a radial idea. I’ve heard of a town, or two, that’s tried it. Sort of one step removed from the Barter system.

  14. NelsonOH says:

    “…because it costs so much money to buy them.” A more humorous line has never been written.

  15. Thomas says:


    Politicians are a chummy group. They won’t even actually filibuster anymore, what makes you think they would actually get out there and shoot each other? If anything, each side would hire someone to do it for them.

  16. USA says:

    Change Depends.

  17. angry says:

    Would Barney Frank employ the Lamar Latrell limp-wristed technique?

  18. pcsmith says:

    If the Congressmen could use a lobbyist as a proxy, after a year the number of lobbyist in DC would shrink significantly.

    Of course the NRA and Blackwater would have an early advantage, but the other lobby’s would soon hire some gunslingers to even things out

  19. jman says:

    I like the idea, make it so

  20. Breetai says:

    You seriously don’t think those douchebags will have the honor and integrity to do it themselves do ya? They’ll hire one of us slaves to stand in for them.

  21. amodedoma says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! You really think there’s more than a few grams of balls working in the entire US government? These guys only get worked up on what rhetoric to use to achieve their ends. What happened with Dick Cheney was a hunting accident, he looks stupid enough to shoot towards the other members of his hunting party.
    Two guys face to face willing to fight to the death to prove a point, even if it were legal I’m sure our congressmen wouldn’t be participating. Nice fantasy though. I get some satisfaction in knowing that when it all goes to hell they’ll get lined up against the wall and shot. ‘Sa shame too, they’re gonna miss the hell they’ve been creating for the rest of us.

  22. KarmaBaby says:

    Dueling wouldn’t work today. The politicians would find a way to cheat.

  23. Micromike says:

    If I get to watch politicians shoot each other I am all for it.

    It would create jobs for would-be seconds as the politicos would not risk their own lives. Then we have the working poor dieing for the privileged and that is the American way.

  24. LibertyLover says:

    #13, Then the States should have some roll in saying how much of our tax dollars they can siphon from State revenues. And of course, deficit has to come to a complete halt.

    This could easily be remedied by repealing the 17th amendment.

  25. LibertyLover says:

    I think we should just enact a rock-paper-scissors solution. Unlimited appeals. Which are then settled with . . . rock-paper-scissors.

    Eventually, someone will get tired and admit defeat.

    In the meantime, congress can’t get anything done — which I consider a good thing considering what they managed to do to this country when they ARE getting things done.

  26. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Why limit the duel to pistols? Do it right and allow the challenged to choose pistol or sword. Can’t you just see Senator Byrd trying to lift his rapier.


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