One of these belongs to DV, another to Saddam

So, does this mean Bush was Luke, Cheney was Chewie and Condie Rice was Leia? Not sure I can watch those movies again in the same light…

Was Darth Vader Saddam Hussein’s ultimate hero?

The answer may be lurking in the Tate Modern in London. Chicago-based artist Michael Rakowitz’s exhibition “The worst condition is to pass under a sword which is not one’s own” explores the surprising parallels between Saddam’s regime and western science fiction through a series of hand-drawn cartoons and sculptural installations.

You may have heard that when US troops stormed one of Saddam’s palaces they stumbled across lurid posters by fantasy artist Rowena Morrill. But did you know that she’s a close friend of Boris Vallejo, the artist who drew the iconic poster for The Empire Strikes Back depicting Darth Vader with two lightsabres crossed over his head?

Does the poster’s image sound familiar? It is remarkably similar to Saddam’s Hands of Victory monument commemorating Iraq’s victory over Iran. The arch in central Baghdad consists of two bronze casts of Saddam’s forearms holding two 43-metre-long crossed steel swords melted down from the weapons of slain Iraqis; the helmets of vanquished Iranians litter the base of the hands.

  1. Bastian says:

    It could be a coincidence or there really is a dark side where those infected can’t help but garnish their soldiers in similar black uniforms.

  2. amodedoma says:

    Let’s face it, there’s plenty of historical inspiration for evil dictators. Stalin, seems to be a big influence, there’s a little Hitler in there too. All gone. Maybe the human race has outgrown the evil dictator stage. What am I saying?! I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Luc says:

    I think recent History shows that the human race never really outgrows anything.

  4. amodedoma says:

    I agree, it’s a blessing and a curse.

  5. m.c. in l.v. says:

    No Bush was Jar Jar, Cheney was/is the wart on the Emperor’s ass and Condi was Oola (the dancer in Jabba’s palace that got fed to the Rancor).

  6. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    I’m not as informed as #5 in Star Wars trivia, but my understanding is that Darth Vader was just the Emperor’s b*tch.

  7. deowll says:

    Those movies predated both Bushes so the nasty jokes are just lame. The Star Wars body armor if properly made, tough enough to be useful, and reasonably light would have been semi functional though I’m afraid a medieval master armorer would have considered the design and fit to be inferior.

  8. chris says:

    #7 You need to get out more.

  9. Thomas says:

    First, any decent emperor should want to be, well, the Emperor. Vadar was portrayed as a powerful thug. Second, Vadar’s helmet design is not an accident. It was modeled after the Nazi helmets. The uniforms of the Empire are fashioned after Nazis. If Hussein was a fan of the Empire, then I suspect he was a fan of the Nazis which I supposed would have fed his whole Jew hating thing.


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