So if we had won (or never started) the Vietnam war, the civil rights movement had failed (blacks were kept in their place so as to never think of becoming President), JFK hadn’t been killed, and so on that caused wholesale distrust in government and institutions that had failed the people they were supposed to serve, hippies would never have existed to become yuppies and we would all be basking in the glow of vast government surpluses right now. Time to fire up the time machine, Alice…

A new film is gaining traction among tea-party followers for suggesting that the collapse of the US financial system has roots dating back 40 years to the Summer of Love.

“Generation Zero,” a film set to premiere in March, examines what producer David Bossie says is a “historic perspective on a generational change” that led to the September 2008 bank collapse.

Bossie says generational narcissism, as represented by the 1969 Woodstock Festival, is responsible for the excessive spending, mortgage crisis, and recklessness on Wall Street.

“The people who were at Woodstock turned into the yuppies of the ’80s and the junk bond traders of the ’90s and the Wall Street executives of the 2000s,” he says. “They went from Woodstock to driving a Jaguar.”

  1. Floyd says:

    I was born in late 1950. When I was in high school, the Space Race against the Russians was the important thing–a goal.

    We won the space race in 1969 (the USA got to the Moon, but the Russians didn’t of course), then did little or nothing with our “win.” Because we “won,” astronauts haven’t been back to the Moon since 1972. No national goals since, except for “greed is good” in the 90s and 2000s.

    Mike D has it right in a very sarcastic way. Glen Beck and his cronies are the bullying Scott Farkus Antichrist Committee, with the ignorant Teabaggers as their fawning toadies.

  2. qb says:

    Dr Dodd said “It also means that if you want to rebel against the man you must be a conservative.”

    Okay, Reverend Doddy-o. You’re a real hep cat.

  3. soundwash says:

    #16 Cursor_ wins the”

    “best detailed explanation based on facts” award.

    #20 Jägermeister wins the: “best one line explanation that is a fact” award.

    #40 floyd wins the: “i can’t believe your still so naive as to believe that tired old space race cover story” award.

    -as for the article, its just another BS “designed” distraction, -a cover story to build upon.. -no doubt, if needed, a “tea-bagger” will be the next patzi playing a leading role in some exciting and dramatic domestic terror plot that leaks like a sieve, played out in the news to titillate pre-programmed, brain-dead mass’s need for baseless tabloid entertainment. -blah, blah, blah.

    -plenty of declassified docs to back up this very tired old game.

    What’s that old saying..? “a finger pointing forward has three pointing back….”

    -as for me, i agree with what Uncle Dave inferred in the first line..the only way to “win” is not to play.

    (BTW: Uncle Dave, haven’t you heard? -we have had working Time Control for several years now.

    [like everything else, it’s quite simple. -as long as your mind isn’t in a box. -and surprise! -rotating electromagnetic fields play a key role. (viva la Torsion physics!)] -be careful what you wish for.)

    It’s amazing in this day and age everyone still thinks these are all “real” war games.

    -silly Hoomans..



    (oh yeah, anyone who takes the time to dig into our history would plainly see that this was all scripted with the final draft hitting “the press” somewhere in the mid-late 1800’s, making any blame-game arguments/debates pointless and a waste of time. (the first draft was around the 11-1200’s, the second was around the 1600’s)

    -curiously, i have found that “downfalls” going back 1000’s of years seem to correlate or line up with Solar inimums
    more often than not, -beating the odds of “random chance” quite handsomely.

    I have a theory about this, however i feel if i voiced it, i may end being fitted for a second straight jacket..

    -another day perhaps. :O


  4. Gimme Annef says:

    Revising 20th century history, the latest 21st century pastime.
    Sad, they don’t teach the book 1984 in school anymore.

  5. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    The real reason for the economic mess is not hippies but…(wait for it)… the Interstate Highway System. Started in the fifties, mostly built in the sixties and seventies, and basically finished in the eighties in time to influence Gordon Gekko. It all fits.

  6. pilgrim says:

    I blame it all on the Roaring 20’s with that crazy jazz music and the lose morals of those flappers. That was the beginning of our narcissistic tendencies!

  7. LibertyLover says:

    FTA – Charles Krauthammer, Newt Gingrich and Dick Morris

    These guys are about neo-conservatism, not the TEA Party Movement. The fact they can sit there with a straight face and preach
    “fiscal restraint” is just hilarious.

    #24, You are confusing the religious right with the TEA Party Movement. This movement grew out of disdain for the GOP and the Dems.

    #32, Mike D has it right in a very sarcastic way. Glen Beck and his cronies are the bullying Scott Farkus Antichrist Committee, with the ignorant Teabaggers as their fawning toadies.

    Beck and his cronies are not TEA Partiers. They are trying to co-op that movement for their own agenda. Don’t be fooled.

    They know they aren’t very popular right now and stand to lose quite a bit if the TEA Party continues to grow. What better way to sabotage it then to get everyone believing they are associated with it? Misery loves company.

  8. deechee says:

    jcj7161…..a free man yet? dump her?

  9. homehive says:

    While it is a bit exaggerated,the reason I am not so quick to dismiss the “hippies caused the economic crash” theme of this column is that I can still vividly recall the absurd “revolutionary” posturing of many of my fellow undergraduates at the relatively Conservative Penn State University (1969 to 1973). The Rev. Jeremiah Wright would have fit in very well on campus. Thankfully, audio/video equipment was relatively rare and expensive at that time, so you are spared the embarrassment/gross-out of hearing how stupid your mother/father/aunt/uncle sounded. (As proof. they thought “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by the Iron Butterfly was great music. I invite you to find it on YouTube.)

  10. leoneo says:

    TAX all religion. Now. Forever. Oh,and don’t drink the Kool-aid.

  11. faustus says:

    this is for all you dvorak god haters… “pride before the fall” there has never been a more narcissistic generation that did so little too gain so much too return back so little to the next generation than than the boomers… as your own al gore calls you… the “criminal generation”.

  12. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #16 Cursor – I believe you’re mostly on the right track but I would like to add that most teen to twenties during the late sixties and early seventies were just drifting along taking in all that was around them. Their parents ultra conservative views to their idol’s extreme liberal views. As they aged they made decisions on what path to take. Most encountered life’s realities and chose left to center while others right to center. That is why we have the political mix we have in the general population. Now, for those liberal activists. They more than likely are the wingnuts and loonylefts of the spectrum.
    How do I know this? Because I am a GenJoneser. I can attest to the liberal activists during this time to be the most narrow minded people I’ve ever met. It would seem that the further you get from the center the narrower the mind.

  13. ElephantSlayer says:

    I guess that teaches the fucking republicans that war is not the answer. Fucking Racists…

  14. innaGaddaLaVidaLoco, Muffy says:

    innagaddadavidaw0tever wasn’t bad, but you wouldn’t listen to it more a few times.
    fyi, the ~postWW2 western cult(ure) gens (birthdates) roughly fit within these ranges:
    1940-1950 rnr surf doowop rockabilly folk revival
    1950-1960 garage rock rnb psych funk disco reggae
    1960-1970 punk roc industrial techno goth nu dance
    1970-1980 hiphop grunge trip
    1980-1990 breaks trance house dnb
    1990-2000 awol or amazingly deep ug, so far… 🙁
    the actual culture lags birthdate about 15 years.

    btw, there weren’t enough 3piece-wearing 18,19&20 yos voting to make much dent in the 1980’s election of reagan.

  15. innaGaddaLaVidaLoco, Muffy says:

    and the teabaggers in vids *are* (mostly) boomers. so they can happily continue to curse themselves, if they want.


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