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  1. Rufus says:

    Just curious, why isn’t there an AVI/Xvid download? Or did I miss something? This format would be useful because AVI/Xvid and AVI/Divx are the formats that play on Divx-compatible DVD recorders, like the one I’ve got.

  2. deowll says:

    I’ve read there is more computer code in modern cars than in fighter jets. Code has bugs.

  3. The “Toyota’s Prius Troubles Will Shake Green Cars” link does not appear to be working.

    [Fixed. – ed.]

  4. Thanks for that Great Video, i always love wathcing.

  5. pierrelarsen says:

    Real nice show. I also enjoy watching.

    I liked John’s question. Why do you need multitasking on a phone?

    It seems such a big deal – why? The screen on a smartphone is not big enough for several windows with different apps…

    I’ve had several windows mobile phone – and I liked them.

    Now I have an Apple iPhone, and to my surprise I like it better. Mostly because of the simplicity, the design (minimalism) and the apps.

    Windows mobile was better at some things though – but I do not miss the multitasking (and actually the iPhone can multitask a little – eg. the iPod function). Not having multitasking also gives some advantages. Like the same speedy response always and forcing developers to make lean code to insure rapid startup.

    BTW – You can copy and paste from one app to another on the current iPhone. Just need to copy. Close down the app. Open a new app and paste.

  6. pierrelarsen says:

    #6 Concerning mac fans, I can’t tell. I just have the iPhone. Otherwise I only use and prefer windows and unix – that is what my clients use (I develop software for a living).

    Generally speaking I find fans of anything a bit fanatical 😉

    I try to keep an open mind, why I bought an iPhone. Contrary to expectations I found it really nice. (BTW iTunes sucks – the content does not, however)

    Surely the android phones and now Window 7 are/will be very nice to use as well – but they also have “borrowed” quite a bit from the iPhone.

    OTOH I find the design of Apple products noteworthy. Apple must have one of the best industrial design teams in the world. Their products just have this solid feel to them.

    It is a bit like when entering a house build of quality materials chosen with taste. Or getting into a quality car. Take a Mercedes – when you close the door – it just feels and sounds solid – I bet the engineers have spent time just getting the right sound.

    Lastly, the phone is another part that multitasks on the iPhone. Thus talking and taking notes is easy.

    Try it out

  7. RASTERMAN says:

    iPhone copy & paste has been available since last summer and is a very elegant implementation given the user interface.

    Copy what you want, open the app you want to paste into and paste. It’s just that simple.

    While it’s true iPhone did not have copy & paste in 2007 with the original iPhone, I think they’ve more than made up for it in ease of use and sheer functionality.

    iPhone has multitasking and so will iPad. It’s just that it’s currently only supported for specific internally developed Apple applications.

    That’s why you can be talking on the phone, while browsing the web, or listening to music from iPod and managing email.

    Another great example of multitasking on iPhone is the voice over functionality. Without multitasking, this function would be impossible.

    The only question about multitasking is when will Apple allow it as a universally supported function accessible by third party developers.

    For now, it’s really only the folks that want to do something like listen to Pandora while updating their facebook wall that this limit is presenting much of a problem for.

    Yes, that’s an oversimplification, but I’ve heard very few compelling arguments that effectively contradict that observation.

    The lack of Adobe Flash support, whether you think it’s a benefit or not, is a much larger issue.

    While I’m happy to miss out on all of the Flash based advertising, I most certainly would like to have the ability to access a lot of Flash based content.

    Apple should consider offering something like a ClickToFlash tool which allows one to selectively load and play Flash content of their choosing.




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