Just ignore the Top Gun Clip at the beginning.

  1. Esih says:

    What stupid bravado! And a waste of money to boot.

  2. Madtownmoxie says:

    # 3 Esih said, on March 19th, 2010 at 5:21 am

    What stupid bravado! And a waste of money to boot.

    Alright!! It only took 3 comments before someone bitched about it. I took the over/under at 5.

  3. Rufus Rafus says:

    nah nah nah..whaa..whaa..whaa..whaaa. I think, therefore I bitch. I am a super bitch. I just wait until I see something of interest, or really cool, then attempt to destroy the original intent of author, just because I can. Look at me, I am a dork

  4. Father says:

    The French ones on YouTube are impressive.

    But the Wing Suit guys flying above rocky inclines are the most extreme.

  5. SimonZerafa says:


    While no doubt very cool; some of those stunts were unbelievably dangerous and I cannot believe many of them were officially sanctioned.

    To be honest I am surprised that any pilot would even attempt them when they are not necessary (e.g. in combat and in a life threatening situation).

    I guess they can be as stupid as the rest of us!

    Lets forget the possible loss of life on the ground for one moment; what about the cost in terms of the pilot and crew and the aircraft involved?

    How much does it cost to train a pilot and build the aircraft? Those are your taxes at work! And who foots the bill when it goes wrong?

    Now where is the video of those low level attempts that went horribly wrong with the costs of each accident next to the reckless flying.



  6. NelsonOH says:

    I agree with #5 Rufus Rafus. And by the way, the man standing in the third video must be insane.

  7. NelsonOH says:

    Of course by third video I meant #3.

  8. Killer Duck says:

    #7 I’m just glad we have guys with balls like these pilots on our side. Please go pussify some other country.

  9. pcsmith says:

    The most impressive one I’ve witnessed was a C-5 flyby during a retirement ceremony.

    The plane picked up speed as it approach us, cut its engines about a quarter mile away. As it passed before us at about 200 ft, it dipped a wing then throttled up its engines pulled up and away.

    BTW, the C-5 is the largest plane in the Air Force inventory. It can hold two greyhound buses inside it.

  10. bobbo, international pastry chef and stunt pilot says:

    I liked No 1 alot. I thought that cloud formed from the Mach 1 shock wave==but obviously it forms from other conditions as well.

    I see nothing more “inherently” dangerous flying close to the ground. In fact, it might be safer as the air is more dense giving more responsive controls.

    On the other hand, one little birdie could distract from the concentration required.

  11. RBG says:

    And then there was me years back landing a 152 at YVR… and forcing a 747 to do a last minute go-round. Hey, there was this massive head wind. I’m sorry, ok?


  12. ijsbrand says:

    Mmm, there is this thing called ground effect.

  13. bobbo, international pastry chef and Van Helsing Assistant says:

    RBG==they really mixed light and heavy like that?


  14. Curtis E. Flush says:

    I see two schools of thought:

    1. Awesome!

    2. Children! You could put an eye out!

    Clip #10 was filmed at SF Fleet Week, the camera at the same location where I stand every year: http://tinyurl.com/yl77a8l

    Blue Angels: Awesome!

  15. springfield_tom says:

    George AFB, CA, 1970. F4’s. I’m ground crew. My good friend, pilot Jim Simon (later to be a member of the Thunderbirds) related how the fighter jockeys would compare their negative number altimeter readings during “training” excercises at Death Valley.

    He also told of this: The SoCa upper desert is laced with two track dirt roads that are straight as an arrow, however they traverse hill and gulley. So Jim or his backseater would spy, from ahigh, Ma & Pa’s Camper in a gulley along one of these roads, perhaps sitting ’round a morning fire, breakfast & coffee in hand. Jim would make a sweep around, come in low unseen and pop up over the hill to “wake them up”. Did they really need that coffee? More low-level training.

  16. Macbandit says:

    I thought #2 was the best one.

    They left off the best fly by ever though. Try going lower then this.


  17. gesundheit says:

    I wonder what they teach these pilots about sneezing , other then DON’T!

  18. RBG says:

    15 bobbo. Seems not to make sense on the surface. Most of the light aircraft were forced out to a nearby airport decades ago, but a few instructors hung on for a while with rentals. Nevertheless, anyone could and can land at YVR by merely paying the big landing fee. Plus since those days a parallel runway was added. But just yesterday I watched a 172 land at YVR.

    I tell you, my whole flying world changed after that flight I described. Now, at any large airport, it’s all about maximum knots direct to the nearest taxiway and off.


  19. RBG says:

    Gene Cernan has a good story (in his “The Last Man on the Moon”) about making a practice low (atomic) bombing run on a target – and clipping it.


  20. Miguel says:

    Pass 6 (Blue Angels) is amazing! Love the water going up!

  21. Urotsukidoji says:

    I was lucky enough to be doing some maintenance on an aircraft arresting cable during the USAF’s Thunderbirds practice (Indian Springs, NV). For some reason, the tower cleared a T-Bird to do a high-speed low approach while I was still dead center of the runway with my back to the approach end. I had my headset and earplugs in and didn’t hear the bird roaring towards me. With no warning from the tower, I turned around just in time to get a pretty good scare.

  22. joaoPT says:

    I have to post this one…


  23. Mark T. says:

    There is an old pilot saying: You can only tie the record for the lowest flyby.

  24. EvilPoliticians says:

    Thanks for posting! Now one of my favorite online videos!

    Both fighters and the larger ones great skill to do this. The fighters take only a small twitch to nose into the ground. But the heavys have momentum…

    I agree with you #10 Killer Duck. The world needs more than helicopter parents protecting their precious snowflakes (no pun intended).

    Now if we could just use CGI to get Tom Cruise out of Top Gun…

  25. Rover7289 says:

    This flyby is great.

  26. Winston says:

    Cool stuff if you can get away with it. Here’s what happens when you don’t:


  27. Winston says:

    “Hot rodding” can get you (and others) killed. Save that along with your multi-million dollar aircraft for the enemy du jour.


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