On March 16, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest against health care reform. Also in town, appropriately, was Barnum & Bailey’s actual circus.

What a frightening lack of knowledge. Other than what they got from Fox News, etc.

  1. Bill says:

    First, no one has read the “bill”; it has yet to be completed. What you are reading is not the bill that will/has been voted on. Second, this bill is projected to be over 2900 pages and, in the form you can read, has intentionally competing components. Any two people can find multiple things in this monstrosity that say competing things. This is why the whole thing needs to be scraped.

    Additionally, statements like the one author of this post use “quoted at the end) only impede the debate (his real intent) and only further show their ignorance. Attacking the person making the argument does not disprove their argument and only shows your own ignorance and cowardice.

    “On March 16, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest against health care reform. Also in town, appropriately, was Barnum & Bailey’s actual circus”,

  2. Animby says:

    #30 thatsmychin said,”NO ONE knows what is in this bill!!”

    The associated point should be even IF they know precisely what is in the bill, they are voting to pass something on the FAITH that it will be changed before going into effect.

    It worse than going into a Toyota dealership and they say, yes, the accelerator sticks but go ahead and buy the car. As soon as your check clears, we’ll fix it real good!

    Sort of like that except there are dozens of things to be fixed in the health bill. And no warranty.

  3. tursiops says:

    Well as an European, I must admit that the US has certainly one of the worse health system in the world, as confirmed by a friend who went there for holidays and got sick, and he words were “The USA is the worse country to get sick”. Also after like the one who said “we have the best healthcare in the world” I don’t think he ever got sick or he must be missing some parts of his brains… Well enough said, I’m happy to be European!

  4. RTaylor says:

    I really think Obama tried to find a centrist solution to healthcare. In the end it made him appear weaker. If the solutions appealed to both parties, it wouldn’t be gutted later on. These are the fringe groups you can never satisfy. They enjoy being angry and vitriol. If it wasn’t for cable news channels you would hardly know about them.

  5. Hmeyers says:

    I’m for Obama’s healthcare bill despite the fact I think it is a semi-disaster.

    Both parties have put us up to eyeballs in debt, but at least any kind of healthcare bill we’ll have something to show for it.

    We’ll have $20 trillion in debt in just a few years — more printed currency than exists in entire world times several — I’d rather healthcare be in that mound of debt so there is at least one achievement in that pile.

    I mean what’s better:

    1) $20 trillion in debt with nothing to show for it.
    2) $21 trillion in debt with at least some sort of crude imperfect and warted start to health care.

    To me, the answer is obvious. And, just they won’t be able to give that $1 trillion to some bank, insurance company or car manufacturer that f**ked up.

  6. Zybch says:

    #34 that pretty much sums it all up. He had the numbers to get passed whatever he wanted but wanted to be popular with everyone instead and has squandered any chance to fix what seems to arguably be the worst healthcare system in the world.
    Just saying its the best doesn’t make it so.
    I’m deathly afraid of having an accident or becoming ill if I travel to the US. When a 3 day hospital stay will cost me $13,000+ something is VERY wrong.

  7. Animby says:

    #37 HMeyers – I “sort of” agree with your point. My problem is I’d prefer a true universal healthcare program. But they can’t pass that because it would put the insurance companies out of business. But with thsi monstrosity we’ve helped fatten the insurance companies, added a trillion to our debt and all to benefit the 10% (30 million) of the population who could easily be cared for under existing Medicare programs. To do this, of course, the other 90% of the population will have to enter a rationed care system. #33 above mentions his European friend who came to the States and got sick. This bill will not help him! When my friend got sick in the UK he was in the hospital for three days and they billed him. Five pounds. Almost US$10 in those days. As a physician, I didn’t think his care was excellent but it was adequate. I once read the UK health service is the largest employer in the EU. It will seem tiny compared to what we will have in the USA. I only hope the care will be adequate.

  8. Bernard Lebeau says:

    Hi, everybody. I am european and it’s hard for me to understand that people are protesting to preserve a third-world class healthcare system.
    Do you have statistics about the average IQ of republican voters?

  9. Civengine says:

    I think what we’re seeing here isn’t a well voiced protest from the tea partiers. The tea partiers seem to me to be generally white and historically middle class who are afraid they are about to move downward on the economic scale. Like many of us they are really focused on the future success of themselves and their children, and that future is very fuzzy.

    They are seeing the world that they knew and loved go away to be replaced by something scarier and more insecure. They are lashing out against change. And I’m not talking “change we can believe in” but a much bigger change in the world around us.

    These people are extremely dangerous, not as individuals, because they are ripe for a Great Man to lead them back “to the way it was.” Great Men almost never lead you back to prosperity, but forward toward totalitarianism.

  10. bac says:

    Another obvious point to made clear by this video is that the people in the video do not know how the current system of health care works.

    Ignorance breeds fear. As mentioned in the video, the bill would provide a Harry Potter world but for most, the current system provides a Harry Potter world. It is all magic.

  11. Animby says:

    # 38 Bernard Lebeau said, “Hi, everybody. I am european …
    Do you have statistics about the average IQ of republican voters?”

    The average IQ of Republican voters is just about the same as the average IQ of Democratic voters and both are about twice that of most Europeans.

    I didn’t know there were still trolls to be found in Europe.

    Now go away or I shall taunt thee again!

  12. EvilPoliticians says:

    What a frightening lack of knowledge. Other than what they got from Fox News, etc.

    Finding dunces in a group is not a challenge and is not unique to any one group. Perhaps the blonde bimbo partiers on Girls Gone Wild are representative of the entire Democratic party since they are Democrats themselves?

    You need to reference a Relationship Chart. Correlation Causality. Or in this case relevant representation.

  13. Cursor_ says:

    There never was a democracy in the United States of America.

    There is none now.

    There will never be one.

    There are democratic ideals, but not a democracy.

    Democracies, like communism, are Utopian ideas. They will not work in a real world situation. That is why we turn to REPUBLICS. A group of people that represent our interests. As we individuals cannot afford the time to vote on every single issue we appoint those reps to do that work. Now we may use a democratic method to choose them, but we have never been a democracy.

    PLEASE stop using that word to describe the USA. It is patently false.

    And if you want a further explanation of what the USA is, it only uses a minor form of democratic reform. In its most real sense and from the way the founders made it to be, it is an oligarchic republic. A republic where the representatives are elites.

    Not just anyone can be a representative, it has always been that way and always will be that way.
    But that is how all government has been since the day when the chief of a village got the best hut, food and women. Of course at that point it was usually a meritocracy (A rule by those that merit the job through proven skills and experience) but it was still an elite rule.

    We can never get past that form of government because humans are still primates. And primates all have a pecking order of elites on top and non-elite submissives to the dominant primate.

    They best we can do is make sure the dominant order is beneficent and chosen for proven results. Again a meritocratic form of rule.


  14. Hmeyers says:

    This system made it 200 years by having relatively benign leaders that had America’s best interests at heart. Like as in America = the American citizens

    Then at some point, they realized that an overwhelming chunk of the electorate can easily be manipulated by news and not enough thinking ones exist to make a significant difference in the voting booth.

    Now absurd and previously unthinkable things like GW Bush spending $700 billion in a single bill to bail out banks and then Obama spending double that a few months later are the norm.

    There are no checks or balances any more. Politicians can just spend trillions of dollars at will.

    No political repercussions.
    Little electorate complaining.

    And the partisan monkeys don’t notice and continue calling each other names while the country is sinking like a rock.

  15. Buzz says:

    #22 Morris: I had no preconceived notions when I called up the points I graded you on. I was just writing a summary that stood up to the words in the document.

    Your evaluations of these cited points is rubbish.

  16. Rick Cain says:

    After suffering through privatized health care, I’m pretty happy if the government steps in.

  17. PlasticMan says:

    HaHaHaHa. Now we not only have the “worst health care system in the world” (as some see it) but one run by the worst management entity in the world: the US Federal Government. We are totally F’ed.


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