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  1. Personality says:

    Oh great…. sam levin was on again.

  2. Dallas says:

    JCD, I’m disappointed in your views of a Google TV. Of course there will be one!

    Have you not discovered by now that Google is in the ad business? Search is a means to the end! Google wants and needs to get into EVERY screen!!

    You must be Republican and therefore a little slow so let me help…

    Google is now on the PC Screen, on the Smartphone screen (Android) and now coming to the big screen! Duh! Don’t let the use of Android on GoogleTV confuse you and that other Republican guy on your show. It’s all under the hood stuff.

  3. Personality says:

    At least Dave Mathews put sam in his place on almost every topic.

  4. SparkyOne says:

    what was the audio tech smoking
    I can use a job if your current employee’s level of performance stays this poor.


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