A California psychologist says she has invented a strappy device that lifts a woman’s derriere like a bra lifts her breasts.

The creation of Dr. Karin Hart’s “Biniki” butt lifter was sparked by Hart’s dissatisfaction with her own rear view after losing weight, the New York Daily News reports.

Hart started using self-adhesive tape to lift her buttocks under clothing. When women at the gym inquired about her handiwork, the idea for the Biniki was born.
Hart’s Web site says she is currently in the process of patenting her work.

Besides the Biniki, Hart has already created a Maniki for men and the Throng, a thong version of her Biniki.

  1. JimD says:

    Only in FAT-ASS AMERICA !!! Lay off the doughnuts !!!

  2. Thomas says:

    A jock strap for women.

  3. Gildersleeve says:

    Oh, we do need this. Too many girls running around with NO HIPS. So skinny you can’t tell you’re looking at a girl until you get to the chest.

    Won’t be bad for me either – my ass has gotten kinda flat of late.

    And JimD, you aren’t making much sense. A butt lifter isn’t going to help a fat-ass. Relax and go back to watching Bill Maher.

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    #3: There are some of us who like narrow hips and a small ass on a woman. And big boobs.

  5. Buzz says:

    #4 You’re thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  6. Skeptic of the AOBCCS says:

    … a beauty beyond belief, the anticipation of incredible sex and a passionate skirmish to remove her clothes suddenly ended.

    I was holding a contraption of elastic and belts in my hands… there was nothing but an indescriptive blob on the floor.

  7. JScott says:

    This may not mean that there will be more for everyone, but at least it will LOOK like more for everyone. I’m in.

  8. ray says:

    All deception I say. a girl looks good with makeup, fit with a push up bra and push up butt. taker her home and u wake up the next morning to find a sagging aging woman.

  9. Shubee says:

    “Honey, how do I look in my ‘Biniki’ butt lifter bra?”

    Pretty darn silly. Please take those things off right now and come to bed.

  10. Manitou says:

    The bustle is back. Pretty soon, it will be huge.

  11. Floyd says:

    I prefer women curvy, but really don’t like the girl’s “buttstrap” idea. Truth in advertising, please. Same deal with women’s “falsies.”

  12. angry says:

    Maybe John and Adam can have theses garments monogrammed for the No Agenda Dames?

    I’m still waiting for HEMA underwear! HAR!

  13. WmDE says:

    I remember when having your butt in a sling was a bad thing.


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