Dweebs should click the pic

  1. tcc3 says:

    The left off “people who make everything into a venn diagram”

    and “people who know that those colored circle things are venn diagrams”

  2. lynn says:

    #1 – Since you recognized the Venn diagram, you are obviously a geek, nerd, or dweeb.

    I’m a dweeb, myself, though at times I feel like a dork.

  3. bobbo, int'l pastry chef and Venn Drama Queen says:

    “You know”—you could make a Venn Diagram of “Privacy Rights” by having two overlapping circles quite wide apart. On the Left is “Constitutionally Protected” and on the Right would be a much smaller circle labeled “When in Public Places” and the contest would be to label the overlapping area.

    I would say that overlapping area would be:





    “Reasonable Expectations of Privacy”

    Thereafter I have to think too hard as to where to place “Private Actors” and “Government Actors” but they should be fittted in somewhere.

  4. Macbandit says:

    That’s a pretty good way to look at it. I also submit that it doesn’t require social ineptitude to be a nerd. I say that a geek is someone that has moved beyond a minor curiosity in a subject to the point that it’s a hobby they’ve become educated on but is not their only interest is a geek. When that hobby becomes their only hobby and overwhelms there life so that they have no other interests but that is when they become a nerd.

    An example of this is someone that likes all that lives sports but all forms of team sports. This would be a geek. Someone that’s obsessed with college football to the point that they might as well die when the season is over is a nerd.

  5. FRAGaLOT says:

    i like it.. it makes sense.

  6. NYC says:

    Yeah I consider myself a g33k and would define this as on point.

  7. Uncle Patso says:

    I think I would switch the positions of Geek and Nerd in the diagram. Good effort, though.


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