• iPad hype cranked to the max.
  • Rimm disappoints shareholders.
  • Hadron collider works!
  • YouTube and Twitter change interface.
  • New Cisco wireless routers supposedly brain-dead easy.
  • MSFT cuts Zune prices big-time. Whatever happened to the brown Zune?
  • Vietnamese dissidents are cyber targets.
  • Toads can predict earthquakes.
  • Novell beats SCO.

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  1. Floyd says:

    There’s a general rule about new computers and software: wait until the pioneer purchasers get their computers, and charge in there playing with the new hardware/software (almost always inherently buggy).

    When those pioneers get the proverbial arrows out of their backs (aka bugs), buy your computer. I waited until 6 months after the early Vista computers came out, bought my Vista laptop, and had very few problems.

  2. Special Ed says:

    The brown Zune was flushed.

  3. pcsmith says:

    Correction John, the college is Seton Hill.

    “Seton Hill is a Catholic school located in Greensburg, Pa. It has an undergraduate enrollment of about 1,732 students, meaning the school could be purchasing more than 400 iPads and MacBooks this coming year.”

    Seton Hall is in NJ.

  4. RadioNed says:

    A Pirate needs to send John a hoodie from South Orange.

    What division does Seton Hill’s basketball team play?

  5. NYC says:

    I have to admit I would really love one but I feel the second gen will be much better.

  6. Buzz says:

    Seton HILL, not HALL. You made a verbal typo.

    Also, the athletic thingie is NOT the big deal at Seton. Do some research before commenting.

    Yeah, the Google prime line item has Athletic as its top item, but that’s an ALPHABETIC LIST, not the first item on the school’s agenda.

    By this criteria, every school in the universe is primarily an athletic major.

    B’b’b’but what about the “Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the North Region” by U.S. News & World Report. Naah, just a basketball case.


  7. Rufus says:

    Looks like the Chinese already have an iPad clone.

  8. JimD says:

    Brown Zune = Redmond Turd ? Must have been a slow seller !!! Jobs was right when he said of M$ “They have no taste!!!”

  9. Remus says:

    Screw the iPad, I’m waiting for the WePad.

    It’s bigger and it’s from Deutschland!


  10. Special Ed says:

    #8 said, “Looks like the Chinese already have an iPad clone.”

    I believe that would be an iPad crone.


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