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Today’s Guests:
Sebastian Rupley, Co-Crank
Andrew Eisner, Content/Community Manager, Retrevo
David Spark, Host, The Spark Minute

The Topics:
Possible Next-Gen iPhone Found in the Wild
Is the Next Tech Boom Here?
The iPad Is Fun–But Is It Essential?
Toshiba’s 200GB Drive–For Cars
Ning Lays Off 40 Percent Of Staff

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  1. TheCommodore says:

    Not watching until you put this back on a TIVO stream…..

  2. nicktherat says:

    hentai just means pervert. so any sex in a cartoon in japan is considered hentai. tentacle porn is tentacle porn…. its hentai…but hentai includes everything.

    study up here

  3. Angry says:

    #2 David Sparks got a little too excited there…like when he sits next to Sam Levine! HAR!

  4. deowll says:

    I watched this at the Cranky Geeks site yesterday with no bleeps. Today the add knocked me off twice when I tried to view it from here.

    The none flash played very well but I suspect the only real advantage to me was I missed the add which would have knocked me off line. Why stick an add on a site when people can’t watch it?

    Getting knocked of line by malformed adds shown before Dvorak’s programs has happened with me on at least two systems and maybe more.

  5. Henry Harris says:

    I’m not a particularly informed guy, but you guys are clueless. First of all, a little history. America was founded by Puritans, kicked out of Europe for their kooky demonizing of sex. That and burning scientists at the stake for saying outlandish things like the Earth went around the Sun. In other words these were ignorant, evil assholes. But you guys seem to celebrate them. Or, as I’m beginning to suspect, maybe you’re just ignorant assholes yourselves.


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