• iPhone story getting on my nerves. I explain why.
  • Steve Jobs says why he does not like Flash in a long memo that I doubt he wrote.
  • Microsoft kills iPad killer.
  • Telescope smashes car.
  • Sony sued by Linux users.
  • Apple gets into voice tech.
  • New Ubuntu upgrades.
  • MSFT hopes to embed media center into HDTV set directly. May do a deal with HTC.

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  1. bobbo, how can a government NOT become authoritarian says:

    So, regarding the IPhone–how much adderall are you on?

  2. zybch says:

    This is what I simply don’t get about microsoft.
    They create interest in something that gets everyone interested and eager to get their hands on, then they kill it.
    Its the same with zine marketplace. The zune HD itself is a superior dedicated media player than any iFad apple has pumped out and the idiots at MS limit its sale to North America only, and even if you live elsewhere and have obtained a device MS won’t allow you to use the zune marketplace to purchase content or use the fantastic music subscription service.

    Its as if there are different divisions within MS that are actively working towards the detriment of the others.

  3. Rufus says:

    John, the iPhone prototype situation was very hilariously lampooned by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.


  4. Rufus says:

    Ubuntu’s CEO is a former Military Industrial Complex executive. You might consider the possibility of spyware in it. There *are* other Linuxes to use…

  5. jeroen says:

    please stop plugging the Teaparty Agenda show. if I want to lower my IQ I’ll get a lobotomy.

  6. sargasso says:

    #5 there’s an app for that.

  7. KMFIX says:

    Just to keep this going..

    Identity revealed…

  8. qb says:

    Come on guys, you’re supposed to be geeky. Here’s how to create a link.

  9. GregAllen says:

    I’m sick of the iPhone and all the other hype around apple products.

    I’m not anti-Apple but it’s just too much — especially since I don’t buy very many of their gizmos.

  10. deowll says:

    #2 I think you have defined the problem. To many really big egos making way to much money focused on internal competition and not on making the buyer experience better.

    I was told MS refuses to compete with Apple on Zune price for that reason. Both companies are run by what I can only call arrogant egomaniacs with a god complex.

    Since MS tends to allow their subjects rather more freedom than Apple I prefer to us MS products. Of course I also like Linux and open source because they often allow even more freedom. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like being disrespected and both Apple and MS treat customers like slaves.

  11. qb says:

    zybch and deowll

    It’s time for Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie to go. There are better people inside the company to lead it. It’s time for them to stop waxing nostalgic for Win 95.

  12. Jim says:

    John you may wish to edit your headlines a bit more carefully.

    My first thought on reading it was that a courier for Microsoft had been killed.

    Of course, that says way more about their PR. However, still slightly misleading.

    As for the apple kerfluffle, and Jobs writing memos… wow, I absolutely couldn’t care less. So why isn’t he writing memos by talking into his iPad… oh that’s right, HE CAN’T. lol

    silly rabbits.

  13. nicktherat says:

    i have only read the frikken title of this frikken cast and im frikken pissed….are you serious? I WANTED THE COURIER BAD …i guess ill listen for the story now….fuuuuuuuk

  14. ArianeB says:

    Media Center extender support built into TV’s? Sounds like a crappy idea to me. I looked for a WMC extender a while back, because WMC has become my Tivo. Nobody sells them anymore, probably because nobody sold any when they were first released. The only Windows Media Extender that exists today is the XBox360.

    In order for an xbox360 extender to stream HD recordings, you need a 1GBPS networking capability between your computer and the Xbox. That means either Wireless N or Cat6 cabling and a high end router. This will make extender support in HDTVs a liability.

  15. Site Title Fail says:

    Look in the window title bar for this story page… LOL!

    It says, in part: “Microsoft Courier Killed Dvorak…”


  16. zybch says:

    #10 microsoft IS competing with crapple on price with the Zunes. I just wish they’d compete as far as geographical locations go.

    Yes, Balmer needs to go. He’d have a nice fat bank account by now and as far as I’ve seen doesn’t add much to the company any more.
    I’d also like to see MS split up into Windows/Office/Entertainment divisions. I bet each would flourish, but I doubt it would ever happen unless they were forced.

  17. sargasso says:

    Windows Media Center totally rocks and it would be great to use a HTPC or WMC enabled HDTV at the iTunes Store to buy high definition movies. What? You mean, we can’t?!

  18. don quixote says:

    I do believe you have the right advertiser for this spot. Most of these commenter’s need to go out and get laid. Might give them a brighter outlook on life.

  19. W.T.Effyall says:

    Microsoft Courier Killed?

    Only if you believe life begins at vapor.

  20. JimD says:

    I think Jobs doesn’t like Flash becaue the Processors in the iPhone and iPad are TOO SLOW to run Flash !!! Just covered-up SOUR GRAPES !!! And of course, a desire on Jobs TO CONTROL EVERYTHING !!!


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