This Episode’s Executive Producers: Liam Duffield, Bill Hertha
Artwork by: Peekasso
Knighthood: Liam Duffield

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  1. Buzz says:

    Love the lede. Gotta be the biggest news of all.

  2. Gilgamesh says:

    Had to hit the comment button and kill the show at the ridicule of Petraeus’ uniform. It’s the same fucking thing as your dipshit intro hoopla, trite jingles, obfuscating cover art, baritone bravado, and all the horse shit bells and whistles you sissy douche bags have cued up on your virtual carts — not to mention JDC’s pretensions to Jewishness and AC’s beyond-John-Edwards hair expenses. So, I detect a strange loop here where you are sucking in your own farts while masturbating and yet still falling short on getting off. So, in the spirit of accepting the simple fact of it, please accept this comment with a smile.

  3. Serious says:

    #2: How about constructive feedback and writing a comment filled with reason rather than bashing and acting like a two year old?

  4. Gilgamesh says:

    #3 Too powerful for you? How about fight fire with fire? Loser.

    Actually, came back to give big fat KUDOS to the conversation about rail. THAT conversation is right on in its assumptions, interpretations of fact, and it’s inclinations toward poo-poo.

    #3, don’t worry so much; John C. can take it. He knows when he’s over the top and when I’m just ‘givin’ some back.’

    Girly-girl, if I’m a two-year old… yeah, right. I’ll fight you with two hands behind my back. I agree that I will not respond to you until you have the chance of at least four separate posts to better yourself above silly. (Which is still way above your last effort… thus the multiple extra chances….)

    Good heavens, I don’t like being a troll, but you inspire me.

  5. Serious says:

    #4 Powerful? You sound like Herman Van Rompuy in a boxing ring…

  6. TThor says:

    # 5 Spot on – a wet rag and a bank clerk – on steroids with a chip on his shoulders.

    Wonder if he posted as Obamaforever, Bobo etc in the past. What you think?

  7. diane says:

    #2&4 You need a nap.
    If my 3 year old acted like that, we wash out his mouth with soap, and make him sit in the corner.
    I suspect your Mommy just didn’t love you.

  8. ECA says:

    some one needs to watch this program..PLEASE..
    its almost a TOTAL advert. ON PBS.
    ALSO I have caught a few ADVERTS in the middle of programs, LATE at night.

  9. Spedier says:

    My thought about emphasizing rail over air travel. A “bad guy” takes out and airplane mid-flight and the other flight can pass over the wreckage. A train derails mid-trip and that line is stopped until the track is repaired, for days if not for weeks. This reveals the conspiracy that the elites really just want us to sit in our little areas and not bother them,

  10. TThor says:

    #7 – I love you!


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