Legendary White House correspondent, Helen Thomas, talks about her latest book and Obama’s stance on business.

  1. ggore says:

    Hooray for Helen Thomas! This is Fox Business, but it is still Fox, the host was spouting the Fox News line verbatim and she did an excellent job of countering every point. Fox Business, like Fox News, is ignoring the financial meltdown and the $600 derivitaves market fiasco that brought down the US economy and almost brought down the entire planet’s economy. And Fox is supporting the Republicans in their “just say no” campaign, then having the gall to call the country “divided”. Helen’s day may be almost past, but she is still the queen of fair reporting and calling a spade a spade.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    Oh, and Bobbo.

    The point I was making was thus, if Maddow is “is currently putting on the best “researched” opinion show” while she uses Wikipedia as her only source to take on Rush Limbaugh, and she has been caught outright lying on more than one occasion, then what does that say for her journalism?

    There is a reason why MSNBC is consistently at the bottom of the cable news ratings.

    MSNBC is the clown of cable, the National Enquirer of network news.

  3. Ah_Yea says:

    The Wall Street Journal. Period. Not unbiased, but biased evenly.

    When it comes to the journalistic integrity of all cable outlets, well:

    And this article sums up my views on Maddow.

  4. Bastian says:

    I liked that reparte. She is a crack-pot but deserves her respect.

  5. bobbo, not really concerned because I like dirty cheap oil says:

    Ah Yea–first link says the media is on the left of the public==we all know that.

    Second link confuses news with opinion. Bad form. If that sums up your view, no wonder you can’t address the different issue I raised: best researched opinion show.

    I’ll bet you aren’t very good at “Find the Differences?” (Hint–One arm is always shorter.)

  6. Ah_Yea says:

    I like the second link because it is an opinion piece, as I inferred by the “sums up my views”. In particular, the quote “she takes the ideological baton from Olbermann and runs with it when his Countdown show ends at 9 p.m. This is not a woman who gives a hoot for balance, fairness, verified facts, context or any of the other things traditional journalism have demanded in the past…”


    I bet she would be a lot better if the DIDN’T follow Olbermann. Then she wouldn’t have to deal with following his bombastic clownishness nor the viewers which follow his antics.


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