Linksys used to be a great company before Cisco bought it. I have a Linksys RV082. A couple of months ago Cisco released a firmware “upgrade” that has made the router barely usable. Version is poison. If you are running an earlier version – DON’T UPGRADE. Once you upgrade you can’t go back to an earlier version.

After upgrading, web access is very slow. If a page has multiple images on it many of the images don’t load. However if the RV082 is removed and I connect directly to the cable modem it works normally. I have been hoping that Cisco would fix the problem but so far nothing.

This I think is an example of what happens sometimes when a big company buys up a good smaller company and then manages to destroy it through stupidity. Linksys has really gone downhill and I’m just not going to buy any more of their products. I’m now looking to replace my broken dual wan router with something that actually works. Cisco sucks.

  1. james says:

    RE: Linksys RV082

    Disclosure: I’m not a techy, although have just enough knowledge to get myself in TROUBLE!

    Wow, was I a SUCKER to buy this model few years back….yeap with my OWN money, not someone else budget funds. I bought based on past experience with Linksys “Name” ability to utilze two seperate connections as back up potential….i just recently dusted it off and attempted to reuse on satelite office, it cuts my web access in half….so I dusted off other router to get office temporaily up and running (i paid Less than $60.00 US) and doubled my speed….


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