• Deconstructing Steve Jobs. Flash and the iPhone.
  • Oprah Winfrey in the Tech News.
  • HP drops the Slate after MSFT drops Courier.
  • Is Google getting dull? Some major thinkers think so. I tell why.
  • Adobe CS5 now out!
  • HP is bringing help from Sears.

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  1. jescott418 says:

    Could it be everyone is starting to think that the Tablet ideal will be short lived? I see a number of them on ebay? Or have they just surrendered to Apple?

  2. Greg Allen says:

    Tablets are the future.

    HP is crazy to abandon the idea just because Apple has a lock on the market, right now.

    Wireless content delivery is the new killer-app and smart phones are too small for video or extended text reading.

  3. Pikachu says:

    Photoshop? Isn’t that a clone of the free program GIMP?


  4. GregAllen says:

    >> Pikachu said, on April 30th, 2010 at 6:36 pm
    >> Photoshop? Isn’t that a clone of the free program GIMP?

    I use GIMP but it isn’t Photoshop (yet!).

    GPL versions are still catching up in web, DTP, video and other media authoring.

    However, I actually prefer OpenOffice to MS Office. I prefer Mozilla to Explorer. Audacity, for simple jobs, beats bloated commercial audio editing programs.

    There are others but GIMP isn’t one of them, IMHO. That might change!

  5. qb says:

    HP is looking at the Android and WebOS for tablets and phones. They realize they’re falling behind Apple, HTC and maybe Dell so they’re not waiting for MIcrosoft.

    Microsoft is way too late to the game.

  6. Somebody_Else says:

    The HP thing is sad, I really want a “slate” computer with an x86 CPU, if only as a toy computer to play around with.

    Maybe the next gen Atom CPUs will deliver enough performance to make it possible.

  7. GregAllen says:

    >> qb said, on April 30th, 2010 at 7:00 pm
    >> Microsoft is way too late to the game.

    I’m no so sure of that.

    Even so, I would love a Linux version of a tablet pc that is not tied to one service provider.

    For my uses, WiFi is best, anyway.

  8. Rick Cain says:

    Isn’t Google’s tablet coming soon?

  9. EverybodyWeep says:

    Actually, Google doesn’t always hire MBA 4.0 college grads… since we are soon losing Colleen from Leo Laporte’s TWiT Cottage. She has tweeted that she will soon be working for the Googleplex.

    The collective sound of wailing is audible for many miles…

    We’ll miss you terribly, Colleen.

  10. gquaglia says:

    Tablets are the future.

    HP is crazy to abandon the idea just because Apple has a lock on the market, right now.

    Tablets are the future, but running a full version of Windows on them are not. HP abandoned their tablet because now that they own Palm, will use a tablet friendly version of WebOS. I’m betting even MS will be pushing their new Phone 7 OS for tablets as opposed to full blown Windows. History has already shown that most people don’t want or need that.

  11. qb says:

    gquaglia, you’re dead on right. Jay Yarrow has a pretty good take on it too!

  12. MrMiGu says:

    Funny, Hp has had tablet pcs for a few years now. Im writing from one now. I wouldnt want this thing to be crippled and without a keyboard.

  13. GregA says:


    Wrong. In this ultra portable area Windows 7 already won on netbooks. You can croon and talk about how webos and iphone os have displaced windows when they are selling 50 million devices a year like netbooks do now.

    Just the other day Apple revealed that they had only sold 450k iPads since launch meaning that they failed to meet event the most pessimistic predictions of the “analysts”, also meaning that for all the fanfare, netbooks continue to outsell the entire apple product line.

    This is probably the reason the windows tablets were all canceled within 72 hours of Apple announcing the official sales of the iPad.

    All you have to do is look at the medias failure to notice the launch of the 3g iPad to see its failure. It launched yesterday an no one noticed.

  14. qb says:

    GregA, I can see where you’re going but the wheels came off with the numbers. From IDC Netbook sales for Q1 2009 were 3.6 million (872% increase). Q1 2010 they were 4.8 million (33% increase). The other problem is that component sales for these devices have weakened significantly. Plus I can only guess at what the margins are for a $300 Netbook running Win7 are.

    Most pundits figured Apple would sell 2-4 million in the first year – they sold 450,000 in the first week and probably more than a million in the first month.

    For all manufacturers of Netbooks I would bet their combined margins are less than Apple’s. To compete they’ll produce some pretty nice devices, Netbooks and tablets (there is now a viable market), but I’m betting they’ll switch to Android since it’s designed to run in limited environments, and their margins will be better.

  15. GregA says:


    Couple of things… Intel and Microsoft just had a blow out quarter… not sure where you getting that info that component sales have weakened. Microsoft is just about twice as profitable as Apple, for the record. Intel is only a little more profitable than Apple.

    Asus and Acer have both also canceled their tablet devices on weak iPad, er um, tablet demand.

    Munster showed us exactly who the iPad customers were, which was fanboys… Little support outside of the existing Apple market, meaning the iPad isn’t even close to a game changing device the iPhone was. I think this figure is most prescient in why the rest of the industry is now running, not walking, away from the tablet segment. Apple really does have a market that will buy any product they sell no matter how awful it is.

    Also, you have to look at what IDC defines as a netbook and compare that with what the computer manufacturers are calling a netbook to see why “IDC defined netbooks” are outselling every apple device except for the iPhone, and why if you look at what the manufacturers are calling netbooks why those are selling at a rate of about 50 million a year and outselling every single product that apple makes.

    And I kinda get it… A “netbook” that has a 10 inch screen and a dvd drive, and video acceleration so you can watch hd video is not really a netbook anymore… It is more of a notbook at that point.

    Finally, 500k was the low end estimate for how many iPads apple was going to sell opening weekend, and now we learn they only sold 450k ALL MONTH. That is a failure no matter how you try and parse it.

  16. qb says:

    Seriously, I’m not baiting, where did you read they sold 450,000 in the whole month.

    BTW, I’m glad MS and Intel had great quarters – it’s good for the industry. It’s especially impressive for Microsoft considering they have $2 billion run rate from online business.

  17. gquaglia says:

    GregA, We will see who is right, I’m betting its not you. You can cling to you bloated Win 7 wonder machine, but you a few others will be the only ones.

  18. GregA says:


    QB already admitted that netbooks which all run windows 7 are already out selling all apple computers according to the IDC numbers I looked at, and I had no idea, but Apple has been displaced from the top 5 in both domestic and worldwide market share figures for computers.

    So considering Apples cratering computer market share numbers, and really the only thing they have going for them right now is the iPhone, yeah, I can see why you guys are desperate for the iPad to be successful…

  19. qb says:

    GregA, you’re cracking me up. How can you miss the point so often? You may be the only one I know who thinks that Microsoft is well positioned for the mobility (including tablets and netbooks). If anyone didn’t expect their traditional business to do well with XP at end of life then they’re living in a dream world.

    Apple has a very healthy business, computer sales up 33% year on year, but they are focused on the mobile market now. Margins up 3% to 41%. Acer and HP have a great business – Acer especially in netbooks and low end laptops. Dell is in trouble. Acer is the only one of the three who has increased margins.

    Keep an eye on HTC. They have a good chance of breaking out in mobility.

  20. qb says:

    HTC and MS do have very nice relationship, and I expect that the earliest WinPhone7 models will be from HTC. I think the Apple lawsuit (stupid idea) was directed at Google/HTC. Apple makes most of it’s money off hardware, hence the HTC suit.

    GregA, press release today. 1 million iPads in 28 days. IDC data, 65% of netbooks sold last quarter were Win7 (admittedly still a good number). The last computer I purchased was an HP/Win7 model. The phone I’m using today is a Nexus One. We wouldn’t want facts to get in the way of reason, would we?


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