A bank robber who placed a Walmart bag on his head before passing a note with his real name on it was held at gunpoint by a customer…until Palm Bay police arrived and arrested him.

Floyd Francis said in the note that he wanted to rob the bank without a weapon because “I am a son of God.” He wrote that he goes by the name YungSoulji and provided the address of his MySpace.com page. Later, at the Police Department, he said Jesus told him to “go get money this morning, today.”

“I am a black Muslim. I am a black Christian. I am a Black Rastafarian … Always smoke weed get high,” the holdup note reads, in part.

Francis, 23, went into Space Coast Credit Union, 152 Malabar Road, a little before 2 p.m. and put the bag on his head while in line, then took off the bag and handed a teller the bag and the note, police said.

The note instructed the teller to, “put di money innah di Bag.” The teller complied.

A customer who saw what was going on and has a concealed-weapons permit got a gun from his car, pointed it at Francis and ordered him to the ground…

Anyone dumb enough to believe all the crap he believes – has to commit the dumbest crime of the week?

  1. Improbus says:

    Dude, you need to lay off the weed. Daammmnnnn.

  2. fulanoche says:

    But it must have been some good weed!

  3. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Thank Darwin he relied on gods instruction rather than use a gun.

    All good religious people deserve 3 hots and a cot.

    BTW==just as stupid–the guy that went to his car to get the gun. He went out of the bank and returned???? Call the cops, get a good description of the guy. Money is replaceable.

    More than one idiot in this story.

  4. Somebody_Else says:

    WTF? We should just roll over and let ourselves be robbed? The guy was insane, what if he was carrying a gun or knife and decided god wanted him to start stabbing/shooting people after collecting the money?

    The guy with the concealed carry permit did the right thing and took control of the situation away from the robber.

  5. Sigma says:

    Anyone else think this is a plant for the Weed-is-bad meme?



  6. bobbo, add Somebody to the stupid list says:

    #4–Somebody==”What if he was carrying a gun” and then he gets confronted by the guy who ran out to get his gun. Yes indeed. What if that had happened?

    How long do you think this nut bag could remain free with good physical descriptions and a responsive police force?

    Seriously. The desire to pull a gun on someone is indeed all about “taking control” when the issue should be public safety.

    Just plain stupid.

  7. rectagon says:

    So if I said “all atheists deserve 3 hots and a cot”….would I not be being hateful? Just sayin’.

  8. bobbo, pre-packaged opinions or vary by facts? says:

    #7–rectumisgone==”all good atheists who rob banks without guns and stickup notes with their name and address printed thereon deserve 3 hots and a cot.”

    Yes, I support that. Where is your good christian charity?

  9. Faxon says:

    Bobbo-head, once again, you show yourself to be an unredeemable liberal fool. Sort of a Communist, or maybe a Marxist fool. I hope some day you find yourself wishing you could defend your family or your weak skinny self, and instead, have to hope you can get to your iPhone and dial 911. I am sure the cops will get the fire department to clean up the mess afterwards.
    Bobbo, if nobody else has ever said it, let me:
    38 states permit concealed carry. Obviously, not yours. Dumbshit.

  10. bobbo, add Faxon to the stupid list says:

    #10–Faxon==are we both this bored?

  11. Troublemaker says:

    A criminal tried to steal from another criminal?

    So what?

  12. UncDon says:

    Put di idiot innah di slammer.

  13. qb says:

    Am I the only person who thinks this guy might be a candidate for Bellevue? But then anyone who has an invisible voice telling them what to do should be a candidate for Bellevue.

  14. Dallas says:

    Where he messed up was giving the teller a bag instead of a basket with a stick.

  15. sargasso says:


  16. Faxon says:

    Bobbo. Yea, we need to quit this crap.

  17. bobbo, add Faxon to the maybe not list says:

    #17–Faxon==hah, hah. Yeah, I just reached out to the starts and shouted “To the Universe—and Beyond!” But here I still am==as are you.

    I really do believe 90% of what I post, even when I change direction–so, I may well be a douchebag (lemon scented please), in fact, or however you define it.

    I probably would have responded more in character had it not been for a recent pas de deux with Greg Allen and not ready for another discussion where facts don’t make any difference.

    Are we men of science?

  18. Pass the bread and whine says:

    # 14 qb said, “…anyone who has an invisible voice telling them what to do should be a candidate for Bellevue.”

    There’s a big difference between having an invisible voice tell you what to do and having Jaysus whispering in your head.

    One is a psycho nut who hears voices.

  19. deowll says:

    Um the good book has a nice little section that reports God says thought shalt not steal in an old translation. The modern translations say the same thing.

    I don’t think the Koran goes for this either exactly though as long as the people robbed weren’t Muslims it would have been okay.

    Anybody know what god this dude was listening to?

  20. Improbus says:

    Did anyone else think Space Ghost Bank when they first started reading the story? Your welcome … for the visual.

  21. Lou Minatti says:

    He’s not much different from Lloyd Blankfein, who was doing God’s work while robbing us via Goldman Sachs.

  22. RSweeney says:

    Thank heavens that we have drug prohibition in the USA and this kind of stuff doesn’t happen.

    And we were lucky that no wild concealed carry permit cowboy wasn’t there to really create mayhem.

    Oh wait…. nevermind.

  23. Benjamin says:

    Why is everyone mad at the conceal carry holder who solved this situation? No one got hurt. It could have been much worse if the nutty bank robber tried to take a hostage with him as he left.

  24. diane says:

    moronic inna da hed


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