You have to give her credit on some level. She has to be approaching a Guinness record level of stupidity to think anyone would believe her. She’d clinch it if after her husband divorces her, she tries to sue the black actor for child support.

The wife of a US Army Soldier, Jennifer Stweart, claims she got pregnant by watching a 3D adult film while visiting friends in New York.

38-year-old Jennifer Stweart used the bizarre claims to explain to her husband why their child was black, despite the lovers being very much white skinned.

Jennifer Stweart said her child looks just like a black actor in the adult movie she watched in 3D with her east coast pals.
Stweart also admits her marriage to the US military man who serves overseas could be in trouble: “Even though my husband believed in me, my marriage could be at risk. But he knows I’m faithful” she said.

  1. sargasso says:

    See what happens when you watch adult movies!

  2. Uncle Dave says:

    #17: On the other hand, if you spelled this woman’s name correctly you would find that she isn’t the porn actress.

  3. Canuck says:

    After watching your politics in the last few years, someone has to be dumb enough to vote either Democrat or Republican. This couple seems to fit the Democrat mould. Since they’re not smart enough to claim God did it, they’re not Republicans.

  4. AC_in_Mich says:

    “Yeah, Jennifer, its just a movie. Yes, with 3-D it seems so real, doesn’t it? And we even have the special “feelie” version that makes it seem like he is actually , errr, “touching” you. But it’s just a movie …”

  5. Semantics says:

    She should of claimed it was Tiger Wood’s baby

  6. Jeff says:

    She would have been better off claiming that it was his. Even if they are both “white,” there still is a very small genetic probability that it could be explained away with family lineage. It does make things a bit difficult though when their is no history of recent bi-racial heritage.

    This further seems like the type of story that would be seen in the Enquirer and, or Onion.

  7. Chad says:

    Dude, I would’ve thought that this would’ve broken the bullshit meter.

  8. irakiguy says:

    The little boy’s face looks like someone from Irak. This is very ironic. Meanwhile the guy was killing these people, one of them was doing his job with his wife….

  9. Mo says:

    @iraqiguy Are you a fucking moron? This kid doesn’t look anything like someone from Iraq. You probably have never seen any Iraqi people in your life! Google “Iraqi kid” you retard

  10. Paul says:

    She MIGHT be able to explain a very small genetic probability except HER HUSBAND WAS OVERSEAS WHEN SHE CONCEIVED the child! You have to love it when people piss on your head and tell you that it’s just a warm summer shower and then the person being pissed on says “oh ya it is a warm summer shower.”

  11. Maria Müller says:

    Well, it is pretty clear that it is a fake but funny new :)

  12. kristie says:

    did she mean ACTING in a 3d porn?

  13. ThatBlackDude says:

    If Jesus were born without a father, why not black baby after an adult movie? Right honey?

  14. yvonne says:

    omg! can not believe this kind of stories is this a joke or what? that not a baby concieve by two white adults is from a white and black or hispanic adult ..i guess the husband is as stupid as her story lmao!!

  15. Ned says:

    Life is like a box of chocolates, Ya never know what ya gonna get