Oh Hail that’s insane! It gets real interesting after 1:00.

  1. UncDon says:

    OH MY GOD !!

    OH MY GOD !!

    The Rapture, perchance?

  2. deowll says:

    #1 “The Rapture, perchance?”

    It is if you run a body shop or do roofs.

  3. DieFundie says:

    Wow insipid commentary. OH MY GOD

  4. Floyd says:

    I was in a storm like that about 2 years ago when I lived in a Minneapolis apartment complex. No pool to show the splashdowns, but the hail was bigger than golfball size, and my truck hood still has the dents from that storm.

  5. DA says:

    I don’t think that guy has ever seen anything like this!

  6. purplemecha says:

    Whats wrong with this guys brain that he can’t operate a video camera. How hard can it be to hold a video camera steady.

  7. Faxon says:

    How hard would it be to pick up a piece of hail and hold in in your palm and take a Fucking PICTURE of it?????

  8. RASTERMAN says:

    Looks like he was recording this from a notebook’s webcam.

    A comment made later in the dialog after about the 1000th OMG @ ~3:42 was “I’m not video chatting, I’m video taping.”

    If I was there while this was happening, I might not have had the ability to say much more than they did.

    At least they weren’t foolish enough to go out in it and grab a sample while during the event.

    Definitely an impressive display of Mother Nature.



  9. sargasso says:

    Hail is a major attributing factor to lost fruit and vegetable crops. When you look past the novelty of hail, the cost to rural communities and to food producers is terrible.

  10. zybch says:

    #6 Thats sums up what I was thinking. That and how the water stayed in the pool if the earth was on such an angle.

  11. admfubar says:

    so that is what it must have looked and sounded like with a storm that passed through ohio a couple weeks ago. reported that there was 3 inch hail in this storm, it happened to brush past me (whew) and really with hail like that o wouldnt be standing above ground looking at it, as hail like can is a good indicator of a possible tornado with the storm. 🙁
    i wonder how many layers the hail had? pity they didnt dissect one. would like to see howmant trip up and down in the storm it made.

  12. ECA says:

    aT THIS TIME..
    In idaho..
    50 degrees
    10 mph COLD wind..
    Wind chill 35..AND its trying to snow.

  13. Pikachu says:

    Why do these people never seem to have a tripod handy?

  14. Somebody_Else says:

    I was a few miles east of OKC when that went through. We didn’t get the gigantic hail they did in the city, but it was at least golf ball sized. Some of the neighbors lost their windows.

  15. Buzz says:

    Proof, once again, that owning a video camera makes you a genius!

  16. hailonearth says:

    If it was me and I had a motorcycle helmet I
    would have put the camera down facing the pool,
    run out and jumped into the pool. That would
    have been freaking awesome.

  17. eighthnote says:


  18. LaMoora says:

    Oh my God,
    This is insane,
    I’ve never seen anything like this.

    Repeat this countless times. You too can be a video commentator in Oklahoma

  19. HeeHee says:

    I don’t wish anyone harm, but I love it when Mother Nature shows us who’s really the boss.

  20. The0ne says:

    You’re use to it coming from those parts. I can still remember hail storms from OK and MN. These were almost apple size hails 😀

  21. BubbaRay says:

    In DFW a few years ago, we had a tornado that ripped downtown Ft. Worth and dropped hail like this at about 5PM. Car dealer owners cried, their entire inventories destroyed, people on the freeways mobbed the underside of bridges, and I got a new roof and a window. I’ve never heard a noise like that before, a friend said it sounded like he was in a Bell UH1D Iroquois helicopter in the VietNam war with every darned gun blasting away. Hope I never see or hear that again.

    At the Texas Star Party in 1986, I was trapped beneath a truck while the softball hail came down, and once it was over I couldn’t dig my way out for 20 minutes. The hail was almost 3 feet deep. The tornado that passed through dropped over 500 boots, not a single complete pair to be found. The boot store that was hit was totally destroyed. Darn, I hoped I was gonna get a free pair of ostrich boots!

  22. Skeptic says:

    Get used to it. Hailstorms like this will become more severe because of AGW. By 2110, average hail will be the size of basketballs, and the the frequency of storms will double.

  23. ascolti says:

    Oh… wait.. Does anyone know where Little Timmy is? He was swimming you say?

    I’ve seen hail like that, but it was during a hurricane.


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