Yes that’s a real Aussie 5 dollar bill.

  1. bobbo, when the obvious isn't says:

    I don’t get it. Just another motivational program from Hooman Resources. Could spend less money and send out memo’s that no one would read?

  2. NobodySpecial says:

    Didn’t some US government dept send out a survey with a $5 bill enclosed to encourage people to take part ?

    But they sent them out in a generic throw-this-away-unopened junk mail type brown envelope – and since they enclosed cash not checks they have no idea what proportion went in the trash unopened.

  3. polybot says:

    Must be a mistake, Microsoft usually pays way more in their cash for contracts deals. Dell, Sony, Blackboard etc also generous to public sector management. Easy to sell crap to the government when you know how.

  4. sargasso says:

    Until now, I never realised that at that angle the Queen resembled Lee van Cleef.

  5. Servo42 says:

    Yes, in Australia, even the money is plastic. Not that I would be giving it away just yet, the Aussie dollar hasn’t tanked that far yet!

  6. Nugget Coombs says:

    Yeah that is an Aussie $5.00 note. It isn’t obvious with that Pommy woman Betty Windsor’s picture on it.
    She’s certainly NOT an Australian, I don’t know why the hell we need this alien woman’s picture on our currency.

  7. mobile games says:

    ya i read about this on news also.

  8. Uncle Patso says:

    Reminds me of a story I read years ago in one of Bennett Cerf’s collections of humorous anecdotes. A 20th century president (Truman? Coolidge? I don’t remember) is paying off a $20 (golf?) bet when the winner asks him to sign it so he can give it to a young relative as a souvenir. “Oh,” he says, “If you want a signature, let me write you a check!”

  9. BubbaRay says:

    Like I’d take a check from one of the last 5 presidents. Har!

  10. yankinwaoz says:

    One time in Oz I needed some photo ID and I didn’t have my wallet. So I pulled out a AU $5 note, held it up to my face with Queen Elizabeth facing out, and told the guy that was a picture of me in drag.

    He laughed and accepted it.

  11. Benjamin says:

    Wow the dollar has fallen. An Australian dollar is now worth 81 cents, up from 58 cents this winter. Thanks Obama.

  12. spsffan says:

    Nobody gives a darn about the Australian dollar. But if you MUST have a picture of The Queen, why are you using a 40 year old picture?

  13. GregAllen says:

    >> Benjamin said, on May 26th, 2010 at 6:45 am
    >> Wow the dollar has fallen. An Australian dollar is now worth 81 cents, up from 58 cents this winter. Thanks Obama.

    _NOW_ you care about the dollar?

    The conservatives didn’t give two craps during the full eight years of Bush’s weak dollar policy!

    But you start carping _NOW_ that we have some grown ups in charge trying to get us out of the gigantic fiscal pit that Bush and the conservatives sent our economy crashing in to.

  14. WmDE says:

    I predict that in 2012 a new US one dollar bill will be issued. It will have a peel and stick back so that it can double as a postage stamp.

  15. Brock says:

    #13 – Now THAT’s funny. Grown up’s in charge???? Have you heard Joe Biden speak? Can you understand what the O-man is trying to say but refusing to?? Have you heard the democrats in Louisiana dumping on the O for his magnificent lack of performance?

    If it was Bush in charge right now, can you imagine the scathing comments he would be receiving?

    No the adults left the room about 15 months ago and are going to start returning in November. Mr. Scare the living S**T out of business so they won’t expand and hire people Obama, will finally have to put up or shut up.

    For a person who seems to talk all the time, I can’t remember when he said anything worthwhile. The only thing he has done in his 15 months is payoff his Union Thug buddies for getting him elected.

    The O – Chicago Mafia politics, brought nationwide, by the Democrat party.

  16. Rich says:

    You can’t tell Aussie from Canadian because it all has the Queen on it!


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