Dennis Hopper, the maverick director and costar of the landmark 1969 counterculture film classic “Easy Rider” whose drug- and alcohol-fueled reputation as a Hollywood bad boy preceded his return to sobriety and a career resurgence in the films ” Hoosiers” and “Blue Velvet,” died Saturday. He was 74.

A longtime resident of Venice who also was known as a photographer, artist and collector of modern art, Hopper died at his home of complications from prostate cancer, said Alex Hitz, a friend of the family.

A frail-looking Hopper, whose battle with prostate cancer was revealed in October, was able to attend a ceremony for the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in late March.

In a more than five-decade acting career that was influenced early on by working with James Dean and studying at the Actors Studio, he made his film debut as one of the high school gang members who menace Dean in the 1955 classic “Rebel Without a Cause.”

One of the Best.

  1. FRAGaLOT says:

    With Gry Coleman, this makes #2 of celeb Death’s that always happen in 3’s (or more) so we should expect at least one more. It BETTER NOT be Betty White.

  2. Carcarius says:


  3. Riker17 says:

    #1 – Correction, Dennis is number three, after Art Linkletter and Gary Coleman.

  4. brm says:


    When did we all quit saying the word “died?”

    The man *died*, he didn’t “pass.” So annoying.

    [You are easily annoyed – ed.]

  5. Faxon says:

    This picture is, of course, a frame from the movie. In about 1971, I worked at a poster company. This (illegally printed) poster was in the top three selling posters we had. The other ones were “Garden of Eden”, a blacklight thing, and “Afro Love”, a stupid blacklight cartoon poster, in blue and black only, of two “Afros” in a 69 position. Hopper’s poster is the only one that holds up after thirty years.
    I always considered Fonda kind of faggy in that movie. Seriously!

  6. McCullough says:

    30 minutes after seeing Easy Rider in 1971, a car pulled out in front of me at an intersection, and I totaled my first motorcycle.

  7. Allan says:

    > The man *died*, he didn’t “pass.” So annoying.

    The picture seems to show Dennis Hopper passing.

    What’s the problem?

  8. BillBC says:

    I agree with #4…I was going to say “passed…what? Gas? His exams? Passed for white, as people used to say in the old racist days?” I’m not annoyed, but euphemisms are dumb. The man died. I bet he wouldn’t use sissy words to describe it. Do him the courtesy of plain speaking….

  9. Angel H. Wong says:

    “Passing” reminds me of the way they censor cartoons by replacing “kill” with “Destroy.”

  10. Skeptic says:

    New headline:
    Dennis Hopper Begins Rotting at 74

  11. Skeptic says:

    If Dennis were alive, I’d ask him why he’s always checking the wind direction in his pictures.

  12. Skeptic says:

    Just curious… but when you say “rest in peace Dennis”, who are you talking to?

  13. zybch says:

    And to think, hes probably going to be remembered for Waterworld 🙁

  14. Ah_Yea says:

    He died of natural causes.

    That was the LAST way I thought he would go!

  15. philgar says:

    I hate motorcycles. Nothing ruins a beautiful Saturday morning than one of those tools ripping down the street. If Hopper was even minimally responsible for this obnoxious trend then I’m not sad to see him go.

  16. Colonel Panic says:

    #15. You are a Moran. But, you’re probably used to hearing that.

  17. Animby says:

    Hope he managed to keep his predatory wife from getting control of his estate before he died … err… passed.

    He made a lot of bad movies and I gladly watched every one of them.

  18. McCullough says:

    He made some bad movies in his youth, and great movies in his adult life. He shook up Hollywood and changed things. I will miss him.

  19. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Dennis was in a recent film just last night. He played a whacked out sheriff who jailed strippers until they learned good christian ways. He looked puffed up and ill in that crapfest and I wondered if “Crash” was still being made.

    Speaking of Fonda having a gay affect, I wonder what happens to your prostate over time when your ass is overloaded with cocaine? Riding that train…..

  20. philgar says:

    Colonel Panic,

    Actually, you’re the first to call me a moran. Cheers.

  21. Steve says:

    Gary Coleman — Dead, and this guy passes.

  22. TThor says:

    Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda made a film the world had not seen before. A piece reflecting the time and the notion for a peculiar part of that generation. The film, the music and Jack Nicholson too, made a difference. The topic just as, or even more important today than then. Innocence gone. Innocence still gone. Time for peace and love and respect for humanity and the God given individual freedoms.

    Easy Rider is my chosen memory of Dennis Hopper. Rest in peace!

  23. KD Martin says:

    He starred in some great PC adventure games, too. One made just a few years ago. One was 8 CDs worth of game and had great video. I wonder how long it will be before I can go back and play them…

  24. Frank says:

    Billy..” why donja get a harcut”.. RIP Peter

  25. Frank says:

    RIP Dennis (Referring to movie peter)

  26. Dallas says:

    Is that Cheech or Chong?

  27. lastfilmwasforever says:

    “Is that Cheech or Chong?”

    Anyone remember the bit of one of there albums,
    about someones selling a truck in the south….

    “Includes the Easy-Rider rifle rack with room for
    not one but two of your favorite rifles”

    #20 Come on. Your are _not_ a moron , but haven’t you been to high-school? You’ve NEVER been called that?

  28. Mextli says:

    #20 “Actually, you’re the first to call me a moran. Cheers.”

    I would be proud to own a towing company.

  29. Floyd says:

    We saw Dennis Hopper and a lady friend his age (maybe a spouse, maybe not) in a New Mexican restaurant in Taos around the time of Blue Velvet. We left them alone (the general rule for celebrities in New Mexico), and he seemed to be a first rate gentleman.

  30. Frweatherby says:

    Why “passes” in the title? What’s wrong with the word “dies” ?


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