WARNING! The audio on this video is NSFW!

Yes, this is old, real old… 26 years old to be exact. But it’s also one of the funniest standups ever… Bob Nelson at Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy club. I still laugh every time I see it.

  1. wtf says:

    The sad thing is that he could never do that act today without being chastised by Al Sharpton and the like. Only Eddie Murphy is allowed to stereotype outside his race.

  2. Randomized says:

    I always have to watch when HBO Comedy plays these old Dangerfield shows late at night.

    One of my favorites (Bill Hicks) on Dangerfield..

  3. deowll says:

    #1 You got it.

  4. FRAGaLOT says:

    He can’t tell from his Shoulder-ma-ma-pads, to his helmememet.

  5. Cephus says:

    I’d kill to get that one on DVD, I still have it on an ancient videotape from when it originally aired. If anyone knows where to get the 14th Annual Young Comedians Special, I’d love it. Between Bob Nelson and Rita Rudner and Sam Kinnison, it was fantastic.

  6. Civengine says:

    I haven’t seen this in years. Waiting up late at night hoping my parents didn’t hear as we all watched this Dangerfield episode. It had a great Sam Kinison routine as well. I think Bob Saget (full house guy) was on and actually funny.

    Great times. I guess Youtube is your friend. I do the wide receiver routine in front of my friends and they just stare at me.

  7. brm says:


  8. Cephus says:

    #6: Yeah, I’ve been doing the whole UNICEF bit for years, nobody gets it.

    “You live in a fucking desert! See this? This is sand! What will it be in 100 years? It’ll still be fucking sand!”

    Damn I miss Kinnison.

  9. JScott says:

    Sorry to hijack (or rather digress) the thread but if anyone here has a line to John C., he should check his Twitter account. I can’t imagine his last post was real. Seriously.

    If it was…apologies.

  10. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    #9 If you are referring to a tweet on The Real Dvorak about a bombshell report/insight into the Gulf oil spill, then I believe that is JCD. That has the feel of something he would bounce off Adam Curry in the NoAgenda podcast. If it was from an account other than the Real Dvorak, then its an imposter account or at least an account not associated with this John C Dvorak.

  11. ArchtMig says:

    I actually remember this guy doing this bit on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Of course he took out all the dirty stuff for TV, and added a few more different football players approaching the mike and identifying themselves and the school they were from. At the end, he took one of the balloons out and repositioned the remaining one to make himself look like a hunchback, and said he was quasi-modo from the University of Notre Dame. That’s the one that Johnny laughed at the hardest.

  12. Winston says:

    “You live in a fucking desert! See this? This is sand! What will it be in 100 years? It’ll still be fucking sand!”

    Funny routine, granted. The problem: the gradual desertification of that area. The non-solution suggested: moving elsewhere. Sadly, none of their neighbors want them.

  13. Cephus says:

    #12: Yeah, that’s what happens when you’re a bunch of assholes and choose to live around a bunch of assholes because you think some bronze-age imaginary friend gave you control over a particular patch of crappy land.

  14. Radiotube says:

    #5, you can get Bob Nelson’s most requested routines DVD for $20 from his site at bobnelsonDOTcom/videos.html

    Bob still performs, but he’s doing a “clean” show now. He was always one of my favorites back in the day.

  15. hhopper says:

    #14 – I get a “Page not found” for that URL.

    Try this link.

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