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Associate Executive Producer: Michael Goubeaux
Art by Paul Couture

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  1. TooManyPuppies says:


    I liked that one.

  2. ECA says:

    was there anything in this version?
    NOT really.

    1. rehash last epi.
    2. tell NEW topics or continue OLD..
    4. expunge on the future.

    If its a SLOW news week…FINE..

  3. ECA says:

    I wont send it direct…
    MARK russell..

    ITS a CYCLE..

  4. TThor says:

    And the European Song Contest was in Norway….. Accuracy is not these guys strength I notice. And not the first time either.

  5. Dale says:

    Just noticing Adam sporting actual rose colored glasses and can still maintain his cynical perspective. That says something…not sure what.

  6. zybch says:

    Adam actually DOES look like the 3rd place singer in Eurovision, Tomas Nevergreen.

    Perhaps its “The Other Curry”.

  7. BarrySoetoro says:

    Hasn’t been the same since 200.5.

    I see stories that I expect them to discuss but they don’t. I would like to know why they choose to ignore major issues and waste time discussing TV shows.

    They are getting soft.

  8. Sorry Ace says:

    [violation of posting guidelines]

  9. ECA says:

    It was a bit BLAND..

    2. Updates and new TOPICS..MINOR DISCUSSION.
    3. Might add a Wish list from those listening..
    4. Tell us about the NEXT show.

    I know its SLOW news month, and will PROBABLY get worse during summer. And politics goes to hell over summer.

    Start talking about TECH and what SHOULD BE AVAILABLE..
    Talk about cars and WHY they dont DO what they promised 30 years ago.
    WHY in hell we dont have smart transformers and Battery chargers on LAPTOP and Other devices.
    HOW about MONSANTO having the MAJOR share of EXPORTING seeds…COPYRIGHTED SEEDS..
    Discuss ACTA, and the BS thats happening there.

    Discussion of the CARRY LAW..that many states still allow you to carry a weapon(almost ANY) as long as its visible. THAT you would be STARED at if you did it, and probably have the COPS questioning you.

    Prices of FOOD going UP again.. WHY? they have gone up over 40% while BUSH was in office. That $0.60 chili is now $1.09..

    WHY Fundamentals of BUSINESS is is CHEAP. CHEAP for them, but not for the customer.

    HOW about THIS car??

    For all its advances NOTHING was done.
    CHEAP, $10,000
    STEEL, 5,000 lbs
    Cast iron engine,
    COULD survive a 40+ impact without SEAT BELTS.
    For ALL this car is a TANK…why dont the little/newer cars DO BETTER?

  10. Your want things discussed? A) tell us in advance. B) Poscasting is easy, do a show.

    We talk about what we feel like talking about. It’s the nature of the show. It’s not much more than that. I’m not seeing the point of complaining.
    Why the fuck would we ever want to waste time in discussion about this horrid car?? What’s the point? Nobody would ever get one. You may as well paint “loser” on the side.

    So you are upset that we don;t discuss things like this apparent practical joke? Geez.

  11. ECA says:

    Im wondering why there was a car that did 30mpg, weighed 5000, could save you in a wreck better then Anything we have now or in the past 20+ years.. The promises of the auto industry to give us Better cars and more mpg, and it hasnt happened.
    We get Cheap aluminum cars that cant take a 10mph hit without costing you $1000 in repairs.
    Little cars, little engines that cost a fortune, Same mileage as a car from the middle 70’s, and LESS horse power and less room.
    Other nations have small cars that get great mileage, but they cant SEND them here, Protectionism is a wonderful thing.
    So its classed as an Edsel.. but a car that cost $10,000 even in 1980 with all these advantages and we THREW IT AWAY?
    HOW about the idea that the GOV/DOT had these made and did NOTHING with them.
    “Unsatisfied with the vault-on-wheels solution, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration changed course. It held a bake-off in 1975 for what a safe car in 1985 might look like. Ford and Volkswagen offered ideas, but NHTSA awarded what would become a $30 million contract to two independent engineering firms, Calspan and Minicars.”

    how about a claim that almost Every advancement in this nation was backed and paid for by the gov.
    The corps dont touch or do much of anything unless someone Else pays for it in the First place, or they WAIT until copyright ends to steal it.

    Pick one.
    All this money to all these groups. And how many Citizens KNOW that they can probably get some of it?

    At least give us a location to Give you ideas. and the people listening would Probably Crowd source anything you wanted.

  12. Mick Hamblen says:

    Thank you for not turning Rachel into a vampire again.

  13. Improbus says:

    You want to know what is coming and why for the economy? Check out this: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, When is the Next AIG to Fall? | Marc Faber.

    To sum it up in a sentence: It is going to be a roller coaster ride and you will hurl by the end of the ride.

  14. angry says:

    #10 That’s the real DUHvorak talking. Clearly the real Dvorak wouldn’t write such badly spelled crap.


  15. Uncle Patso says:

    Dvorak calls it “this horrid car,” but I’d buy one.

  16. ECA says:

    Corps wont change UNLESS someone forces them to..
    Who remembers the debate of Safety belts?
    LED lights in your Car for side lighting and interior and NOT costing you $1000 MORE..Just cause its CHEAPER to do it the old way.
    Who remembers being able to buy a BARE car and you added the radio and other ACCESSORIES.. I dont need a $200+ stereo that a THEIF wants more then I DO.
    Why do we have COMPUTERS in our cars to RESTRICT them. A small computer could be designed that would WORK with any car, and INTERNALLY work out the BEST OXY/GAS/TIMING to make your car work the BEST. And NOT COST $250-1200.. You could even TELL it if you want SPEED or TORC.. it should cost as much as a Top of the line XEON multi CPU system with 64gig of ram.

  17. ECA says:

    The tech in most markets in the USA is 15-20 years behind.
    Protectionism and Wrong thinking will lead us back to being a 3rd world country.
    Just cause video cards can make MORE/Faster lines and dots, REALLY isnt an advancement.
    restrictions on DVR’s and PVR’s and being able to COPY your own videos went the way of VHS tape.

    The only advantage we had AFTER we shipped the jobs out, was that WE still had a good amount of IDEAS and concepts.
    The corps in the USA dont compete.. with companies in the USA or Other countries..

    This goes on and on..
    Including MS paying off competitors TO STAY in business so they dont end up in court AGAIN.

    As to Politics..
    Its NOT just the Persons we elect..Its the ones that have been AROUND them in the gov for 40YEARS…
    Listen to mark russell, I linked above..from the 80’s…And see if you hear about ANYONE you KNOW today.

  18. deowll says:

    The problem with the car is they need to sell more than one.

    On the Muslim mosque at the 911 site. This is seriously insensitive to the families of the dead.

    It is being funded to the best of my knowledge by oil money and is state sponsored religion. If it’s Muslim progressives approve of state sponsor religion.

    The critics of the people who objected keep saying they didn’t want to offend 100,000,000 Muslims which translates to I’m scared. They are very sensitive to the feelings of the majority as long as they think the majority might kill them.

    These people are ready to buy prayer rugs and show up for payers at the mosque three/four times a day depending on the sect they join.

    Okay the doltish woman can buy a burka and stay home.

  19. ECA says:

    Only thing about the show..
    was no conversation Except when they got upset with each other.
    Blue screen??
    BOTH of you could comment on the topic. it would be interesting.

  20. ECA says:

    With DH you both talk and converse, this show is ending up with you BOTH bringing up topics, and NOTHING.. you might think about the Thoughts/ideas/show and give each other a warning so the OTHER knows what to expect.

  21. ECA says:

    jsuta CAUSE one of you is off base, and paranoid…
    does not mean someone ISNT THINKING ABOUT YOU..
    ANd the knowledge you are TRYING to give.


    You AIM for the LOWESt denomination or CHARGE the HIGHEST DENOMINATION..

    If we want fantasy we can find it…ON BOTH SIDES.
    The porsons that WANT to listen want AT LEAST a truth or COMMENT..

  22. No Agenda Fan says:

    JCD & AC in the morning!

    Remember to go to to chat about the show!


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