Neil Peart might not have anything to worry about from this guy, but you gotta love someone who loves what he’s doing.

  1. B. Dog says:

    He’s playing the drums like a chimpanzee. That’s the way you do it. Money for nothing and your chicks for free!

  2. Winston says:


  3. Steve says:

    America !! FUCK YEAH !!!!

  4. Chris Heath says:

    OH on twitter: This drummer’s not at the wrong gig, the gig is at the wrong drummer.

  5. deowll says:

    As far as I’m concerned I enjoyed his performance and he enjoyed performing. It sounded okay.

  6. John E. Quantum says:

    Reminds me of the old joke-

    Q. “What do you call an idiot that like to hang around musicians?”

    A. “A drummer”

  7. Papa Ginish says:

    It looks like JDC before he started doing No Agenda and had hair.

  8. McCullough says:

    Crystal Meth….just sayin’.

  9. hoot says:

    OMG I fkn love this guy! Any contact info for future gigs?

  10. admfubar says:


    as i pull out the envelope that has been sealed in a mayonnaise jar, on funk and wagnall’s porch, place it to my forehead and divine the answer to the question sealed in side.. the answer is!

    A. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

    now i open the sealed envelope and the question is!

    Q What are three things this band doesnt have?

  11. snoitpo says:

    I’m 90% sure that location is at the Hawaiian Bowl at Knoebles Park (Elysburg, PA). If you like amusement parks and roller coasters and find yourself in northern Pennsylvania, you should check the place out (for one thing, free parking and free admission–you can even see that show for free).

  12. SLsKariaVendetta says:


    Seriously, I’m bettin’ Keith was his idol. Loved it!!

    PS Loved the nod to ‘Carnac’ too in the above post 😀

  13. Buzz says:

    Living La Vida Lamé.

  14. hhopper says:

    I thought that guy was a riot!

  15. toddt says:

    Man; do they need a light show.

  16. Lou Minatti says:


    First thing I thought of as well. Go check out The Kids Are Alright. This drummer is OK in my book.

  17. Grandpa says:

    Loved it !! That’s entertainment. Oh wait, he didn’t have his hat on backwards and his pants pulled down below his faghole. He can’t be good.

  18. madtruckman says:

    oh man, how do i hire this guy for my wedding!! that was awesome! just a guy really enjoying what he is doing…

  19. Gaz says:

    #12 & #16. Yes definitely a Keith Moon influence but also I think credit has to go to Animal from the Muppets!

  20. TThor says:

    Cool! They did well, and the drummer extra well!

  21. Dallas says:

    Obviously a little tension in the group as to who’s the lead performer. I bet they lose the glitter jacket and add neon lights.

  22. Star Wars Kid says:

    Someone needs to Photoshop this thing, give the drummer light sabers and have him decapitating droids left and right.

  23. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    Friggin drumbers.


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