• Hulu starts paid service.
  • Google backing off on China threats.
  • Verizon iPhone coming in Jan 2011.
  • Apple being sued over antenna issue.
  • Weird story about iPhone Facetime.
  • Windows 8 outlined.
  • Flying car coming out for sure!
  • Dell sold faulty computers.
  • Seagate has 3TB drive.
  • Where is the new Hotmail?
  • MSFT Kin phone a flop?
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  1. B, Dog says:

    For about 6 years now, Gitmo Nation folks have only needed a Sport Pilot certificate to fly Light Sport Aircraft.

  2. Special Ed says:

    Damn Pedro, can you believe Kin is a flop already? Maybe they should have called it fucKin.


  3. Who says:

    Windows 8, the new improved Vista.

  4. qb says:

    #2 pedro is a Nokia fanboi

  5. SparkyOne says:

    so I can pay hulu to see tv programs latter than their availability as torrent files, but with commercials and I get to use their hosed-up u/i?

    nice product offering

  6. deowll says:

    The kin is the kind of phone the targeted audience would most likely love but it costs a mint to buy and another mint for a service plan. The targeted audience is mostly teens and young adults who as a group love to spend but often don’t have a lot to spend.

    We bought 30 computers Dells in about 2003 or four that had the problem. I think they ended up replacing about 10 of the mother boards for free. For us, other than the fact they machines were down for a day or three, it wasn’t an issue. Of course we also had a three year service plan but then they extended the service plan for that specific problem for free.

    The more storage the better.


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