Sounds like he’s ready to retire…good riddance.

  1. deowll says:

    Already seen this. He may know his voters better than we do. I think this guy is California which means most of his voters want open boarders.

  2. brm says:

    Then I’m sure he won’t mind spending a few weeks hiking the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

  3. John says:

    No, the majority of Californians don’t want open borders, in fact. Polls also show that a majority of Californians support Arizona’s immigration law.

  4. SparkyOne says:

    Sorry, that is not not contempt but stupidity.

  5. What says:

    The perfect Democrat. And why is this not on 60 Minutes?
    Oh, wait…

  6. Not Bobbo says:

    Com’on, Bobbo. Tell us what we all are missing here. You have all the answers.

  7. ECA says:

    For those that THINK they are stealing jobs, Could be. But I dont think a Collage grad wants to wash dishes or mow lawns.
    MOST of our problems are from Manufacturing jobs shipped Over seas, and companies OVER CHARGING for services.

    I figure there is MORE of a problem HERE, when corps THOUGHT farming out ORDER windows at BK, McD,… and then Sending the orders back on the NET.

  8. SparkyOne says:

    ECA, I spent years cleaning-up my land after these a-holes started fires, shit, fucked, did drugs, broke into homes and business as they wished on their trek north. 1 is too many.

  9. Artic-epsilon says:

    #1 I assume “boarders” was intentional, very nice.

    So my question is: How many open borders does Mr. Starks home offer?

  10. ECA says:

    And I know A bunch of Kids that do the SAME thing.

  11. bill says:

    ECA, After not a very long time those ‘Collage’ grads you speak of would kill for a job (i.e. any job) washing dishes and mowing lawns would sound pretty good.

    How about house painting, detailing cars, working at a Starbucks, or a deli, or delivering pizza’s?

    With an engineering degree, I was told I couldn’t work at a local winery because I was too qualified and didn’t speak fluent Spanish…

    Maybe that was ‘technical Spanish’.

    Arizona has it right.

  12. Floyd says:

    I don’t know this congressman at all, but he’s right to mock the border security fanatics.

    If a border is built on land, in general all it takes to get through it is a cable cutter, a ladder, an acetylene torch, or a sturdy truck like a Hummer. There aren’t enough troops to close that border on land.

    Or–just go around the fence–either end of the land border starts and ends at the sea and/or the Rio Grande.

  13. What says:

    #13 Really?
    I suppose you agree, then, with the theory that we might as well let them all come in, have all the free services they can get, and just quit worrying about it?

    How about enforcing the LAW when they are apprehended instead of ignoring the LAW, as in San Francisco or other “sanctuary” cities?

    What is your position on THAT little situation?
    Um, maybe if they spend a month in jail, fewer would continue to go around your magic fence.

  14. bobbo, we think with words says:

    Well, NotBobbo, I’m stumped. Been awhile since I’ve seen Stark in action. Sad to see the meat puppet slowing down. The majority of California voters and those polled do support securing the border and by less degree employer sanctions and a national ID card, including the Hispanics here which is the group mostly challenged by the illegals.

    It is sad to see the only professed atheist in Congress be so out of touch, not only with the issue at hand but his dismissive handling of it. I wonder why he went to the meeting to begin with if he can’t do better. I guess no one is willing to tell him its time to let the press agent handle all questions while he sticks to fund raising.

    But perhaps just out of touch are those who say “walls don’t work” as if they didn’t work? Yes, people dedicated to a position will say just about anything if they think it supports their position. they are much like Stark in that way.

  15. Borders Books? They close too early?

  16. What says:

    Recently, I found out that Caesar Chavez was a rigorous opponent of illegal immigration, because it impacted all the Mexicans here legally. Too bad LA RAZA doesn’t get it. Instead, they only want to reclaim the Southwest United States by invasion on behalf of Mexico.

    And since California is nearly bankrupt, you would think it would dawn on the liberals running the state that Mexicans streaming in MIGHT have something to do with it.

    I don’t see Mexico loosening up IT’S immigration policies for the countries south of it.
    Sanctuary city. Great. I don’t see Mexico lightening up on

  17. ECA says:


    Then Start your OWN business and do THEIR jobs.
    Under cut their wages.

    Lets ask a few questions tho..
    WHAT makes living in the USA, so EXPENSIVE that we REQUIRE higher wages to PAY our bills?

    FED/STATE tax 30%
    City/county/excise taxes Upto 10%
    Taxes on utilities and services 5-10%
    Interstate Taxes on Shipping goods AROUND, insted of having a LOCAL Maker sell direct to you. Another 10% on each product as well as ALL the fuel costs and taxes, then we can count 2-3 companies handling and packaging the good.. Add another 10%.
    example..OreIda, does all the Work in STATE(they have their OWN product and its Cheap), ships the goods to GREEN GIANT 3 states away, to get a GREEN GIANT LABEL, then its sent to distribution outlets for STORES, then to the store itself. Insted of it costing < $1 from OreIda, it costs you $2 from GREEN GIANT. This goes for ALL of your food.
    Lets talk about GAS. Every other nation Charges by a PERCENTAGE..not the USA. Max Tax is $0.70 per gallon. Thats about 25%. do you think BP is going to PAY for all the bills? NOPE. it comes from your pocket.
    MOST of the corps in the USA are only distributors.. Products made over seas and then shipped all over the USA. then sold to us, at a profit of 3-10-100 times the cost it took to get here. There is very little tax on imports, unless it competes with GOODS made here. Actually, there are many devices MADE in other nations, you cant get IN those nations. USA/EUROPE only goods.

  18. ECA says:

    wouldnt it be easier to OPEN the door, and License them as they come in??
    Do background checks and ALL.. ARREST those crooks as they Come thru the gate.
    REQUIRE companies to Pay EQUAL WAGES and taxes.
    Then they dont get Social sec..we get the money.

  19. Ah_Yea says:

    He forgot his teleprompter.

    Some politicians are like that. Take away the teleprompter, and they will say all kinds of crazy things!!

  20. What says:

    In case anyone wants to tell him what a great job he is doing.

  21. Mextli says:

    Never wonder why Congress has the approval rating it does. This fat arrogant pig is an insult to all voters.

  22. Mike_in_Newark says:

    John, Didn’t you vote for Stark back when you lived in Newark?

    This is a guy I have been voting against ever since he decided to refuse the simple request of not campaigning in the streets while the Newark Days parade was in progress. This was a request made of all the candidates at the time and it was for everyone’s safety. It was okay to talk to people while off the street (on the sidewalk) during the parade or afterwards in the park where the parade ended, but not in the street where a parade participant could accidently hit someone who was not paying attention. All of the other candidates abided by this request except Stark who defiantly insisted on his right to free speech while ignoring the potential danger he was placing his constituents, the parade participants and himself in while promoting himself.

    Watching him over the years as my Congressman just continued to reinforce the impression that he cares more for his own pet ideas and getting re-elected than in listening to his constituents or making sound laws. Of course why should he listen to us when he just about guaranteed re-election by his obviously gerrymandered district where many of the people who vote for him do so mainly because he has the “correct letter” after his name on the ballot. My take is that we are probably stuck with him until he retires (hopefully that is not too much longer).

  23. FRAGaLOT says:

    #3 bullshit.

    Who in their right mind supports the stupid law that AZ has passed? Perhaps you’re not of Hispanic, or Native American decent (read you’re white) so this law won’t effect your milky white ass since you’ll never get harassed by police if your skin is even remotely of a brown shade.

    I have no idea why “conservatives” want to lock down our borders. Mexican illegals are the new slave labor of the 21st century. The USA became a super power starting out on the backs of negro slaves hundreds of years ago; now we can get it back again with cheap Hispanic labor. So, let all the wetbacks in to the USA to help fix and repair this broken country, as they get paid well under minimum wage. It’s the American way after all.

  24. FRAGaLOT says:

    ECA said: Then Start your OWN business and do THEIR jobs. Under cut their wages.

    Um no there’s a thing called minimum wage, you can’t do it unless the people you hire AREN’T AMERICANS! Which is already happening with Mexican immigrants, a.k.a. new American slaves.

  25. swtwitdv8640 says:


  26. yankinwaoz says:

    People. Don’t forget the Big Ag wants a porous border. That is how they get dirt cheap labor to grow and pick crops. And our politicians listen to Big Ag.

    Until we hold Big Ag up to labor and safety standards, then nothing is going to change.

    Until we give up on the idea that food must be dirt cheap, then nothing is going to change.

  27. Mextli says:

    #24 FRAGaLOT

    “Who in their right mind supports the stupid law that AZ has passed?”
    I do.

    “I have no idea why “conservatives” want to lock down our borders.”
    Simple, it’s the same reason they don’t live in Mexico.

    “Mexican illegals are the new slave labor of the 21st century.”
    I for one would hate to see them subject to slavery. Let’s make sure they are free to leave any time.

    “So, let all the wetbacks in to the USA to help fix and repair this broken country…”
    By all means let’s do so. They left theirs in such good repair.

  28. Mike says:

    This is a joke right? Please tell me The Onion is behind this?

  29. Floyd says:

    #14: I have no problem with states or Feds enforcing the law, but how do you plan to keep people from crossing the border? Much of the land border is just barbed wire with a road patrolled by the Border Patrol now and then.

    The rest of the border from El Paso east is the Rio Grande, and there’s not much of a network of roads down there for the Patrol to drive along to try to catch those people.

  30. Wow… an incredible arrogant prick.

    AND NO, #23, I never voted for this guy. I was long gone from Newark when he showed up. You can see why I left. What community would keep re-electing this jerk? 37 years?


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