Drug hysteria hits a new high. (pun accidental)

  1. kwils123 says:

    Baron Harkonnen the flow of the spice must not be interrupted.

  2. UncDon says:

    The internet is dangerously addictive too. We need to restrict access to those who are properly trained and licensed.

  3. RobLeather says:

    Actually, nutmeg is actually toxic and can kill…. but you’d have to eat a s**t load of nutmeg. By which point you’ll be the spiciest corpse in the morgue. :-)

  4. Animby says:

    I have a nutmeg grater in my kitchen. Can I get busted for drug paraphernalia?

  5. cgp says:

    Nutmeg leads to fruitcakes.

    There will always be a proportion of the pop who deselect themselves and we are truly greatful to those who sacrifice themselves to the greater id.

    This is just laimstream media getting ever more streamlined.

  6. Jess Hurchist says:

    Can’t find the reference as the book (Bird Lives I think) is packed away but Charlie Parker was using nutmeg in the 40′s

  7. nilum says:

    You can get high off of pretty much anything if you take it properly… though mostly off huffing fumes which is just another way of asphyxiating yourself.

    Nutmeg is a stupid way to get high and it’s why we should legalize pot. These kids are only doing nutmeg because it’s a legal way to get high. There are no restrictions on it, and like many other things if you take it in large quantities you get a buzz. It’s a pretty mild buzz, but you might also get nauseated.

    If marijuana was legal they would probably be doing it as well, but with the added benefit of not getting sick, and less chance for a bad trip (if any). The only time I did nutmeg, I had a very bad trip and never touched it again. I’ve never hallucinated while high on marijuana. Not saying these kids should be doing any drugs, but I’d much rather my kid smoke some pot and get a buzz, rather than down a bottle of nutmeg to get an inferior effect (not to mention nausea, headache, and a bad trip).

    I’d also much rather my kids be doing nutmeg than alcohol. Seriously, if this kid was drinking this would have never made it on the news. So sad and pathetic how our media works.

    Next time kids will start huffing the fumes off burning tires… I’m sure tires will be banned, or at least have a label stating that they are not to be used improperly :P

    You heard it here first kids.


  8. Slatts says:

    The horror!
    What next?

  9. lynn says:

    #8 TThor: “They call me yellow mellow…”…

    Quite right, Jack.

  10. lynn says:

    Won’t somebody please think of the gingerbread men?

  11. FRAGaLOT says:

    no nutmeg overdoses? just like there’s never been a case of O.D. on pot.

  12. RTaylor says:

    When I was a kid all we had to get high on was rocks. You would get a friend to hit you in the head with your special rock, and you would get dizzy. If you were lucky you would pass out for hours.

  13. roddy6667 says:

    We must ban water. Look what it did to the Titanic.

  14. k2 says:

    They are ridiculous. Banning it isn’t going to make it disappear. Kids will just go to a sketchy drug dealer and end up in jail now. Just what we need, more time and resources wasted. Way to go.