1. Ah_Yea says:

    He sure is happy.

    And has great bladder control!

  2. Improbus says:


  3. bobbo, reviewing stereo travel shots as I type says:

    Excellent. Shows what “thinking ahead” can do for your picture taking hobby. I never did that. Now I’m left with all these unrelated pics. I could’ve been a contender!

  4. Buzz says:

    Wow. That took a bit of effort!

  5. ECA says:

    Time lapse camera on the side of a car, and a LONG DRIVE..

  6. Mick Hamblen says:

    Anyone else think ‘Wizard of Speed and Time’ while watching this?

  7. sargasso_c says:

    A Google Street View mashup? Maybe.

  8. AlanB says:

    I’d like to see a 10 minute version.

  9. Mike_in_Newark says:

    Hmmm, Video ends in San Francisco with a nice clear shot of a new pair of jeans with the “Levis” logo clearly displayed, next to an amazing “To Do” list (including going to the moon). You don’t think that this is a “Commercial” viral video, do you? Would Levi’s do that?

    Uncle Dave, where did you get this video from?

    I found it interesting that for the length of a walk across America would take that his hair did not seem to grow or change much.

    He seemed to also take a bit of a circuitous route. The places that I was able to identify in this video (in order) were: New York City (Brooklyn Bridge); Philadelphia; Washington DC (Mall area); “corn fields”; Chicago (I forget the name of the pier); Grinnell Iowa (Rabbitt’s Tavern and Snack Shack); Mount Rushmore (South Dakota); Colorado (Denver or Colorado Springs); Utah (near US70 and Highway 50); Las Vegas; up the eastern Sierra’s (identified by Joshua Tree’s); Bodi (?? or other ghost town); Yosemite Valley; California Central Valley; San Francisco (over 35 seconds of this 114 second clip is spent in CA). Can anyone identify the places I missed or give a more accurate location in Colorado?

    Bottom line, fun video that appears to be commercially done for the internet audience.

  10. Uncle Dave says:

    #8: How would I know? John posted it.

  11. Dilkry says:

    Nice product placement there Levi’s with a close-up on the pocket with the tag on the side at the end of the video. Very subtle.

  12. phiend says:

    Beware the walking man!!!

  13. JMRouse says:

    Yup, it’s a viral ad for Levi. I didn’t catch it at first watch, but did think it looked a little too perfect. Guy is the model type and he looks too clean and well groomed for having done this. Did a Google search and someone found the casting call for it.

  14. Jmrouse says:

    Also if you pay attention during the Vegas part the same guy is a white v-neck high fives him several times at different parts of the city. Doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s funny.

  15. Mike_in_Newark says:

    My mistake Uncle Dave. So Uncle John where did you find this?

  16. interglacial says:

    Viruses are infectious and no-one is immune.
    I thought it was curiously well produced and noticed the Levi tag on the jeans but still it didn’t register.

    The youtube channel they posted this to is up-front about it taking a professional production team of 6 people two weeks to complete the shoot, but no mention of Levi or the intent of the video! Maybe you have to be working in advertising not to find this disingenuous.

  17. plumbum says:

    Looks fake, sorry, just does.

  18. Steve says:

    Been there. Done that. Took a little longer ‘tho.

  19. Jmrouse says:

    #17 I work in marketing and advertising. Considering they released the video a short while ago, it seems they are being fairly upfront about it all if they have a “making of” video up too already. I think disingenuous is a strong word. Should they have said Levi’s paid them? Sure, but it’s not like they are hiding the facts and trying to manipulate the public like LonelyGirl or something.

  20. Surrey-Dad says:

    A poor commercial ripoff of ‘The Longest Way’

    The commercial is vacuous, whereas the latter provides unique insight into a very personal journey…

  21. Colorado_Kirby says:

    Hey #9, Mike_in_Newark. The Colorado pics are from Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.


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