I watched CBS’s news show last night with Katie Couric so you don’t have to. They spent quite a lot of time marveling at how clean the beaches were and how the skimmer boats had practically nothing to pick up. Showed graphics on how massive oil spill had now shrunk to seemingly insignificant size. Guess the crisis is over. If you can’t trust Katie who in this world can you trust?

“WASHINGTON (AFP) – With BP’s broken well in the Gulf of Mexico finally capped, the focus shifts to the surface clean-up and the question on everyone’s lips is: where is all the oil?”

NEW ORLEANS (Mother Jones) – I don’t know who the fuck these everyones are, but I’m happy to help out them, and ABC, and this AFP reporter writing that due to BP’s stunningly successful skimming and burning efforts, “the real difficulty now is finding any oil to clean up.”

I sent one text message to Bloomberg’s Lizzie O’Leary, who’s standing on Grand Isle, Louisiana, right now, asking how the beach looks. “Lower part past the barrier untouched with globs of oil that washed up last night,” she said. By “untouched,” she means by cleanup crews, and that “barrier” she’s talking about is the one the press isn’t allowed past.
I can’t even count the number of correspondents down here who’ve pointed out that digging a finger under the surface of supposedly clean sand turns up crude, or the number of cleanup workers who’ve said cleanup efforts are strictly cosmetic, or that no matter what they do the contamination just keeps bubbling up.

It’s BP’s job to whitewash this story and make it easier to indulge the desire to forget about the scope of the devastation, guys. Not the media’s.

  1. bobbo, don't understand the dismal science, but I am on a budget says:

    #63–fusty==Much the same argument is made all the time: a little bit of lead in gasoline is not so bad. A little bit of pesticide in the water is not so bad. Xrays are ok in small amounts.

    Course its all true. Its also true that none is better.

    Have you thought for one millisecond that the actual/relative damage to the environment is only part of the story? How about lack of safety equipment? How about submitting xerox’ed disaster response plans? How about MMS being completely fradulent in their oversight role? How about BP lying about the amount of spillage from start to finish? How about BP failing to bring in oil recovery technology for the first two months? Why not focus on the estuary damage that is and will occur rather than the damage out in the ocean that will not occur?

    What is your end goal? Just helping people think more rationally huh? Well then, go back over the partial list above.

  2. ECA says:

    I like the analogy..
    Lets do it differently..
    you Bath tub, the size of the Gulf..
    Lets pour a Quart of Olive oil in it..
    NOW GET IN..
    NOW get out..
    Tell me how greasy you feel.

  3. ECA says:


    Its not that they cant SEE that nature can take care of it..

    WHO should FIX IT?

    Mother nature dont give a Flying PICKLE..
    HUMANS on the beach? They might notice..
    FISH/Turtles/Prawns/??? They might have a problem. WANT to see 10,000 dead fish float by, with Bloated corpse, and flies swarming??
    How about Flying creatures, that STOP FLYING ALONG THE COAST, and FLOP oil covered on your NICE vacation Villa?

    Are you going to clean it up NOW?? OR WAIT for mother nature to do it?

  4. ECA says:

    let me REWORD #65..

    Your Bath tub is the GULF..
    Fill with water..
    DROP 1oz of vegetable oil in the NICE HOT BATH.
    Add a little Soap to Break it up.
    JUMP IN..wash around..use more soap..
    JUMP OUT..


  5. faustus says:

    i’m not saying they are wrong in the mj piece just that they can’t conceive the possiblity. i personally think everyone is looking for an exxon valdez type spill and i think we are looking at a different type with the warmer water, lighter oil, and hotter base temperature. as to the oil i think it is in the water just more broken up…. what that means to the eco system in the gulf we don’t know yet. and as to a clean up, broken up like it is, it might be close to impossible to clean up making it worse that the exxon spill over time.

  6. Rick Cain says:

    The liberal media strikes again with its eco terrorism.

    Oh wait…

  7. Lauren says:

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