“That’s right. Come and get me!”

Marc, perhaps you could interview your squirrel on this development?

A grocery store is committing “wildlife massacre” by selling squirrel meat, campaigners claimed today.

Viva – Vegetarians International Voice for Animals – accused Budgens of supporting a “barbaric and needless cull” of grey squirrels by allowing an independently-owned branch in Crouch End, north London, to sell the meat.

Viva founder Juliet Gellatley said: “‘Culls’ of thousands of grey squirrels by so-called conservation groups to boost populations of red squirrels are irrational, inhumane and destined to fail, so it is very sad that Budgens are allowing profit to be made from wildlife massacre.”

Actress and Viva patron Jenny Seagrove also spoke out against the sales, saying: “It seems that no animal is to be spared falling victim to such companies’ marketing ploys. What gruesome product will be next to grace our food aisles? Blackbird, field mouse or mole?”

Found by Brother Uncle Don

  1. Father says:

    Killing the American Grey is the only way to stop the destruction of the domestic Red. These people are irrational.

  2. nobodyspecial says:

    American grey squirrels are officially a banned species because they wipe out the native red squirrels – it’s an offence to release them, let them breed on your land etc.

    When the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie was made at pinewood they were left with 100s of trained squirrels which the US humane society approval for the movie wouldn’t let them kill and the UK law wouldn’t let them release.

    I assume they are still working for the studio somewhere – possible writing scripts for Ben Stiller movies.

  3. Floyd says:

    Well I’m a member of People Eating Tasty Animals, and squirrel qualifies.

  4. ArianeB says:

    They should not be killing Grey Squirrels for meat, that’s just cruel. They should be training them as spies and sending them to Iran.

  5. ECA says:

    The human species in the last 200-400 years has Devastated the natural regions of into Farming area, and killed OVER 1/2 the animals on this planet.
    Between the industrial revolution, and Gun powder, ANIMALS dont have a chance.

    WE USED to eat anything we could catch.
    Considering the price of meat/pork/chicken/Beef/FISH and the processing/raising/pasteurizing of our foods, I would think Squirrel would be a nice change.

  6. Gasbag says:

    Read article bang head against brick wall.

  7. sargasso_c says:

    Squirrel, that “other” white meat.

  8. Lou says:

    Franken free meat is hard to come by. Chow down !

  9. Dallas says:

    Sheeple will never go for squirrel mcnuggets because unlike chickens, they have seen a live squirrel.

  10. Benjamin says:

    I suppose Peta would be angry if after the cull of Asian Carp in Chicago, stores start selling carp.

    Animal rights wackos are just so stupid. I wrote a book-length story about how some animal rights activist got his just desserts.

  11. Christian says:

    I ate a squirrel once. There is such little meat, that I can’t see how it would be worth selling in stores…

    …Then again, I’m so used to shoving over-sized portions of hormonally produced beef into my face, that maybe the squirrel was the right size. I over cooked it on the grill, which probably didn’t help.

  12. lynn says:

    I’d happily eat squirrel meat if I can be assured it comes from the squirrels who are “harvesting” all my tomatoes –

  13. spsffan says:

    Er ah, “Crouch End”???

    It seems to me that your place naming conventions are a much bigger problem than PITA and the squirrels.

    But for the record, I’m fine with culling and eating them, for those who care to dine on rodent.

  14. Angel H. Wong says:

    Mmmm.. Tasty.

  15. jbellies says:

    I’m a vegetarian (mostly) but if somebody is willing to eat grey squirrel (which often have black fur, btw), I say congratulations, and give the person who killed the vermin a medal. I live in an area that is in the process of being overrun by grey squirrels. The crows and ravens are doing a valiant job lunching on them, but inevitably, the inevitable will happen.

  16. The DON says:

    Squirrel, Blackbird, Field Mouse or Vole, all sound like a good idea to me. You can add cat, dog, hamster, rat . . . . to that list.

    Of course, after trying one, I may never want to eat another, but then again I may prefer some real meat as oposed to what the supermarkets have on offer.

  17. deowll says:

    I like chickens live and I like them them cooked. Eggs are good fried or boiled.

    The same lack wits that don’t want squirrel meat sold buy meat to feed to their pets. They are delusional.


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