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Knighthoods: James Adamson,, Matthew Payton
Art by: Nick The Rat

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  1. moss says:

    Since he’s pointing at Peter King – a leading representative of both the Republican Party and the Mob – I think “slave” might be a slight exaggeration.

  2. bobbo, our imaginations are always limited (anchored?) by out of date parameters says:

    Rather than admire Weiner for pointing out what the Pukes are/have/will be doing to screw over America, seems the public mostly puts it all down as Congress being ineffective.

    No judgment at all.

  3. B, Dog says:

    John and Adam are right about the strange powerful push for high speed rail. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was here in Wisconsin saying. “High-speed rail is coming to Wisconsin — there’s no stopping it

  4. nicktherat says:

    #1 yeah, i am bad with copy. maybe he shoulda had a shut up slave coming from the background and him screaming” no, you sit down!” or blegh, whatevers. its just a show slogan 😀

  5. Glenn E. says:

    All that impressive shouting. And the bill still got killed. Didn’t it? The news about such things is always confusing. They voted for or against a measure, to kill something, that would block a something? What?!! Congress is a real pro at screaming about things that make no clear sense to the rest of us. Most of the time. But when it comes to getting taxes out of us. That they make simply and direct. They withhold it from our paychecks, now and in the far future (deficit spending).

  6. Glenn E. says:

    Well I don’t know nothin about a “push” for high speed rail. But it would certainly be like to catch up with the rest of the industrialized world, that already has it. Canada would have it (should have it), if the US didn’t keep a thumb on its neck artery, about such things. They’re luck they have a National Health Plan.

    Instead of the US paying little more than lip service, to the concept of High Speed Rail, by only allowing it to go north and south, along the coasts. There ought to be at least two east to west HSR corridors. And possibly a third, sometime in the future. But would so far nada. Would it REALLY cripple the fortunes of so many money-men, to allow something to compete with air travel? I guess because they know that the government would own the interstate rails, and not big business, they couldn’t get away with running a monopoly and price fixing fares. So NO RAILS FOR YOU!

  7. How does spending a couple of days on a train compete with a few hours on a plane? High speed rail is impractical in the USA. The issue is bogus. It’s a scam to upgrade the train beds and tracks so BNSF (Warren Buffet) and other freight operators can benefit on the taxpayers dime. Cripes. This is such an obvious scam.


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