Perhaps this should be looked at as a way to boost the economy, providing ‘jobs’ for women who might otherwise be unemployed. Shovel ready projects (if your peccadilloes include women in hard hats), and all that.

I guess some old fogey of a tax payer representative (occasionally our own government) might assume that paying prostitutes on a government contract is not a legitimate business expense. In another world, someone caught doing exactly that would be embarrassed and throw himself on the mercy of the court.

Not these days. The lawyer for the military contractor David H. Brooks argued in court that his client, who spent thousands of our money on prostitutes for his employees, had spent these monies appropriately because, as his lawyer put it, “Mr. Brooks thought such services could motivate his employees and make them more productive.”

Mr. Brooks and his lawyer show an astounding amount of chutzpah. I don’t disagree with the facts: sex is tension reducing, calming, perhaps even good for overall performance especially in high anxiety circumstances. With this in mind, Mr. Brooks could have flown in wives and girlfriends for regular conjugal visits. But maybe Mr. Brooks was more price-conscious than that and wanted to make sure that he could get a cheap fix for his workers—and make them forgive less soothing aspects of their jobs. Mr, Brooks, like many men, considered prostitutes such a commodity that he probably listed them in his business accounts with the paper supplies and other mundane daily products. And I am guessing he was pleased that, given the conditions, he could get them at ground-level prices.

Here’s someone else who tried to claim hookers and pr0n were for medicinal purposes.

And in a vaguely related vein, the Chinese artificial hymen to restore virginity is confusing to Egyptians where the reporter just had to order one.

  1. eighthnote says:

    When you have an entire cadre of thieves on Wall Street that can create one of the biggest messes in the history of modern economy, whose only repercussion was … BONUS checks… why does this surprise anyone? The bar in terms of ethics (both in business and government) has been lowered substantially, and the only reason it works is because people keep getting away with it.

  2. tomdennis says:

    When I worked at the Lock and Dam on the Ohio River (lock and Dam #50). I met a mate who worked for the Ohio River Co. (union labor). He told me while locking in the lock that, “Me and the old lady are going to open up a whore house in Pittsburgh when I retire next year (1975)!” I smiled at this wiry man knowing that there may be some half truth to what he said.

  3. Dallas says:

    Looks like Pedro’s farm animals broke into his closet.

  4. bobbo, libertarianism fails when it becomes Dogma says:

    Old Joke:

    Pedro joins the Navy to see the world. After a few months, he starts to get horny. His shipmates tell him to wait for: “Sheep Island” and when the boat gets there, all the sex he wants.

    Pedro is repelled by the idea of having sex with anything but a Donkey and resolves to remain faithful to his beloved intimate playmate.

    But the weeks turn into months and Pedro is kinda looking forward to Sheep Island. A few more weeks go by and Pedro starts dry humping the Main Mast when he is on watch.

    Finally, Tally Ho is sounded on Sheep Island and the boat slides onto a nice soft beach with several sheep eating grass to the side. Pedro jumps off the ship and humps the first sheep he comes to. He regains his senses to sound of cat calls and jeers from the other (real) mean on board ship. Pedro feels “sheepish” having given in, being unfaithful to his donkey, and realizing he was “set up” for this embarassing performance.

    “I couldn’t help myself after you guys kept taunting me!” Pedro yelled to the crew.

    The crew yelled back: “Stupid Pedro: you picked the ugliest sheep on the island.”

    And thats how it goes on the high seas.


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