This is one large image, to say the least.

  1. bobbo, HFCS Zealot says:

    “The Biggest Photoshop Image Ever.” /// Need a little bit more detail on why anyone should care, even if it is true. Certainly not the largest “photo” and certainly not the largest photo that has ever been “edited.”

    There must be some reason this issue is posted?

  2. jobs says:

    I don’t believe it’s a photo. Burt creates his images starting with a blank screen and draws everything in using photoshop.

  3. Steve says:

    #1 Bert Monroy is a famous innovator in digital art. Critiques and analysis of his highly regarded work are readily available. Do you think anyone needs the opinion of someone too lazy and ignorant to do a google search ?

  4. deowll says:

    I’m afraid the picture is going to be to large for my wall.

    The content is not much to my taste either. Few city scapes are.

    This is not meant as a criticism of the quality of the work which appears to be superb.

  5. interglacial says:

    # 3 Steve,
    The video appears to claim that this is the largest photoshop image ever but doesn’t even say how big it is and has absolutely no context.
    I was most confused after viewing this. For example, it looks like he is trying to create a photo of Times Square occupied by just white people. How odd.

    I have now done a google search as you advise but am still none the wiser. Please can you give us your esteemed opinion on this video.

  6. Bert Monroy says:

    John shot the video without me knowing he was doing it. I was showing him how far I had come with the project when I realized what he was doing. I watched it and read the comments.

    Let me clear a few things up for you.

    The piece is purely for myself. It is a challenge to push myself and the technology to the limit. I am an alpha tester for Adobe and spent over a year working with various parts of what eventually became CS5 to help develop and refine the program. What I learn along the way I pass on to others in the form of videos, podcasts, magazine articles and seminars around the world. If you want to see what I do you can visit

    The Times Square piece is entirely created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Photos are for reference only. The flattened file is 11.7Gigabytes.

    It measures 5 feet high by 25 feet wide.

    Steve says it appears to be occupied by only white people. Steve, what you saw is a group of about 4 people out of the 200+people in the scene. The people are all friends and family. I happen to be Latino so only white people is impossible if I am including family.

    The first comment above asks why anyone should care. Nobody has to care about my art except me. People learn from me. My joy is turning people onto things so they can get creative and do things they care about.

    It has taken me over three years to create this piece. Why? Because I love doing it!

  7. Uncle Patso says:

    Back when ZDTV/TechTV was around, Leo Laporte used to have Mr. Monroy on “The Screen Savers” semi-regularly to show Photoshop tips. No doubt that’s when he and JCD met. With both Leo and JCD being big photography buffs, it’s natural they’d strike up friendships with one of the top Photoshop educators around.

  8. Stiffie says:

    I thought it would have been realized by now that artists who use Photoshop and other highly controllable media are very likely delving into a whole new “genre” of visual expression, whether it’s fooling around with photos or generating original graphics etc. Who cares what. Is it fun to look at?
    Does it “grab” you in some signifigant emotional way? If it can achieve that somehow, I don’t see why it matters how it was done.

    (and of course there will be crud…hasn’t there always been?)

  9. interglacial says:

    Hi Bert,
    Thanks for the info and apologies for earlier somewhat glib comment I made. I really just didn’t understand how the image had been put together, even after looking at your website the first time I was convinced they were edited photographs!
    Once again, thanks!

  10. Steve says:

    #5 My opinion of the video is that it was an off-the-cuff update by the shooter of a work-in-progress of massive proportion. I was compelled to sound off to someone, (#1), grousing about an artist’s work even though he obviously new nothing about it. I’m glad the artist took the time to set you straight about your “lack of diversity” claim and I hope satisfied your request for my
    ‘steamed opinion.


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