I wonder how much it cost Monsanto to get that “premature approval.” Apparently they didn’t spend enough on the judicial side of the government.

A federal judge ruled the premature approval of the genetically modified sugar beets from Monsanto by the government as unlawful.

Federal District Judge Jeffrey S. White said that the lack of any thorough risk assessment of the transgenic plants, as required by law, makes an approval for commercial cultivation impossible.

The environmental consequences of the sugar beets were not assessed adequately by the Agriculture Department, but an approval was given despite this violation of the National environmental Policy Act.

White, based in San Francisco, stated this already in a ruling in September 2009 and warned farmers to opt for conventional seeds. Apparently everyone ignored this earlier decision and warning, as 95 percent of all sugar beets planted in the U.S. are based on the genetically altered Monsanto seeds. The Agriculture Department “has already had more than sufficient time to take interim measures, but failed to act expediently,” White wrote.

The planting of these plants, which are resistant against the controversial herbicide Round-Up, also marketed by agro-industrial behemoth Monsanto, is now banned.

  1. deowll says:

    #20 Most Greenies are not actually one with the earth. They haven’t actually done the math on what happens if they get their way other than they expect to go on living in comfort which isn’t going to happen.

  2. ECA says:

    19, FORCED over abundance ISNT an abundance.
    We have destroyed the soil so much we require, tons of nutrients.
    And dont skip my point that we are filling OUR OWN food with fillers and STUFF, that isnt natural.

    Alternative to Roundup?? Is to LEARN to grow Over laying crops, that work with each other.
    To hiring more then a FEW people to do the WORK.
    TO using GROUND covers to prevent WEEDS, that HOME gardeners already use. And help HOLD WATER.

  3. canuck says:

    I’m not opposed to GM foods, I’m opposed to them being sterile so they cannot reseed themselves and you and eventually your neighbours are forced to buy seed from Monsanto. Farmers in Africa starve as they discover their crops are cross pollinated from nearby fields. As their crops fail because more and more of their own grown seed becomes sterilized they find they cannot afford the Monsanto seed and starve.

  4. ECA says:


    Im sorry tho..
    IF bugs wont eat the plant and mice wont, I would still consider it poison.