Wow! Sort of makes you wonder about reincarnation.

Found by J.K. Davis.

  1. JRG says:

    I suspect some comments coming from outer space. I do think

    I rate #4 the most humorous and # 7 most quotable. I intend to use that

    Kudos to T. Berry and thanks

  2. Great American says:

    Does it matter what her nationality is? She is singing our national anthem beautifully, knows the words. Perhaps her parents just really care and are Great Americans……Shouldn’t we all strive to raise our children the same?

  3. grumpyTech says:

    the child singing is 7 years old, her name is
    Rhema Marvanne, too bad above commentators cannot use search engines

  4. Skaliwag says:

    I realize this is somewhat late in response but Fragalot, you must have failed with honors thinking that Rockets were not known pre-WWll.
    They date back to the 12th century when it was noted that the Chinese shot rockets into the air to celebrate various Chinese Holidays and even during the Spanish-American war where it was documented that ” rockets were fired from the enemy last night and lit up the sky but the signifignance was ill received by them as it led to several of the Spaniards being killed because the illumination lit up the sky so that we could see them plainly and they became a perfect target!”


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