Click pic to get you some

Thankfully, shipping is free.

  1. Derek says:

    Bleh… Couldn’t they have gotten a better booty model?

  2. Dallas says:

    Great. I was just about to floss and go to bed.

  3. admfubar says:

    oh wait you said shipping… never mind..

  4. UncDon says:

    Wonder if the witch can decrease the size of man-boobs …

  5. monty fan says:

    Build a bridge out of her.

  6. sargasso_c says:

    Fathers Day isn’t far away. Do they do gift certificates?

  7. dexton7 says:

    Because you can sell anything on Ebay! Like digitally delivered invisibility and used breast implants. Bleh.

  8. Gay Atheist Gun nut says:

    #3 No doubt Adam has his “anal annihilator” ready…

  9. Maricopa says:

    Perfect saddle for a broomstick…

  10. Special Ed says:

    Now there is something I can sink my teeth in.

  11. Madtownmoxie says:

    Also be sure to check out the other items this seller has for sale…There is something for everyone…Boob enhancement, Penis Enhancement, lottery winning etc.

    good for whatever ails you.

  12. Mojo Yugen says:

    99.8% positive feedback?!?! Makes me want to stick something sharp into my eyeball just to take my mind off of what this says about humanity.

    On the other hand, how do I become a Wiccan sorceress. Seems like there is good money in it. Oh wait, there are courses on eBay!

  13. Still Right says:

    Relax, everybody, the listing has this at the end:

    “I am not responsible for any paranormal activity you may or may not experience.”

    Such as unknown demons inhabiting your ass cheeks?

  14. Counterweight says:

    Might not be worth it – hemorroids might be enhanced, too.

  15. Skeptic says:

    re #15, Counterweight, “Might not be worth it – hemorroids might be enhanced, too.

    She already thought of that.

    … anus repair, $275,000

  16. Gildersleeve says:

    Derek, it isn’t the model – it’s the thong.


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