Talk about a vacation story! A family heading out of town to go camping this morning was pulled over by police who believed their van was stolen. But what they and police eventually figured out was that the license plate had been unknowingly swapped.

At about 5:45 a.m., the LAPD saw the white van and ran its license plate, finding it was reported to be stolen. They soon pulled the car over on the 405 freeway near the Rinaldi Avenue exit. “One-by-one, family members got out of the car with their hands in the air and were instructed to lie face down in the middle of the freeway,” reported KTLA. “They were placed in handcuffs and taken into custody for questioning.”

Once everyone realized the license plate had been switched with a stolen vehicle’s one, they family was released. KTLA caught the whole thing on video.

Is that grandma on the roof?

  1. yankinwaoz says:

    I’ve noticed that the Mexican cars I see here in California have a sticker on the rear window replicating the car’s license plate. So when you are behind them, you can see that the tag and the sticker match each other.

    I assume that the Mexican states do that so people can’t easily swap plates.

    It is a good idea. If we had that in California, then the cops would have taken 2 seconds to notice that the plates had been swapped.

  2. BuzzMega says:

    Anybody check the plate on the front? Usually crooks don’t bother to be thorough.

    And, it would seem, neither are the police.


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