Police have gunned down a 100-pound mountain lion romping through Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood blocks from Alice Waters’ famed Chez Panisse restaurant.

Authorities said a neighborhood resident reported the big cat to Berkeley police and firefighters around 2 a.m. Tuesday. The animal was seen roaming through residential backyards and a church playground before officers caught up with it. Police and state wildlife officials quickly deemed the animal a threat to public safety, and officers were given the OK to shoot it. An officer killed it with a shotgun at about 3:30 a.m.

  1. bobbo, the event horizon before psychosis is says:

    For all the animal/nature lovers out there: this is nothing but one point in the MASSIVE EXTINCTION EVENT going on right now courtesy of mankinds need for lieberstraum. On land, In the Ocean, In the skies==mass extinction everywhere.

    Who here advocates for limitations on human population to save these competing species?

    Anyone????? Raise your hands and cut off your balls!

    Silly to lament the direct consequences of our express choices. Not long before the only zoo’s will be video archives.

    Silly Hoomans.

  2. bobbo, to the left of Obama says:

    short interesting article on point:

    I had never heard of the “econologists dilema” before and it seems to me totally answered by the “effects have not come due yet” rationale. We are building a house of cards that will grow ever bigger and taller–all the while more subject to a more terrible fall. Seems obvious.


  3. asmena says:

    I live in the area…there are many homeless who live outdoors in this neighborhood, church grounds and parks and surroundings…I guess sleeping at those hours they could be prey and also need protection.