Police have gunned down a 100-pound mountain lion romping through Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto neighborhood blocks from Alice Waters’ famed Chez Panisse restaurant.

Authorities said a neighborhood resident reported the big cat to Berkeley police and firefighters around 2 a.m. Tuesday. The animal was seen roaming through residential backyards and a church playground before officers caught up with it. Police and state wildlife officials quickly deemed the animal a threat to public safety, and officers were given the OK to shoot it. An officer killed it with a shotgun at about 3:30 a.m.

  1. Cursor_ says:

    “Gourmet Cougars in Berkeley”

    Well of course they are! But where these 20 something guys taking out these MILFS get the money for gourmet food I have no clue.


  2. Dallas says:

    Awful to shoot and kill this animal. At least the children playing at 3:30am were safe

  3. McCullough says:

    And people wonder why we keep guns on the ranch.

  4. dusanmal says:

    @#2 It is the Nature. We are defending OUR habitat and have every Natural right to eliminate things threatening us from it. So does the cougar. Evolution points to the fact that if cougars can’t adjust to the habitat limits as defined by stronger animal – they’ll get extinct. Also, if we do not fight for or habitat, we will lose and get extinct. Nature by definition lacks compassion which is our own mental construct. This cougar was stupid example of his species, not realizing the limits and it have paid evolutionary price.

  5. Improbus says:

    I was picturing a cat with a bib. Poor kitty.

  6. Father says:

    I’ve driven by a wild cougar in California, and think it is a crime to kill this beautiful beast.

    Couldn’t they relocate it?

  7. Cursor_ says:


    And people wonder why we keep guns on the ranch.

    To shoot pop bottles full of water and stick it on BoobTube.

    On rare, rare occasions you shoot them for more than to kill the sheer boredom of being on a ranch.


  8. Mouring says:


    Dang right.. That cougar should understand that the law allows us to own property and those “no trespassing” signs are not just for show.

    Never mind the fact that those animals where here before us, and we usurped their lands! They should be happy to live on the reservations just like the Native American Indians. If the cougars are nice to us we may *LET* them open up gambling establishments as our way to apologizing to them for “stealing” their land.


    In truth, it is always sad when one sees an animal like this killed. Cougars aren’t endangered yet, but I can see a time coming when they will be; just like all the other large animals that refuse to be controlled by us.

    [Note: if you don’t get the sarcasm in the first two paragraphs then you need to stop reading this site =)]

  9. Dallas says:

    #4 Not to insult but are you Republican? Are you serious? I get the law of adaptation rationale your propose. However, is there any room for moral responsibility to nature in there somewhere? Anywhere?

  10. Faxon says:

    I did this story yesterday for the lame ass local news.
    Fact is, the report was from a “community member”.
    In Berkeley, community residents, citizens, and such are not allowed. Only “community members”.
    This from the Police spokesperson.

    The cat was “dispatched”, (into the great peaceful animal afterworld), by 12 guage Remington 870 shotgun shells and 223 rifle bullets”, which, of course, for local lame ass news, was described as an “AR 15 ASSAULT(!) RIFLE(!) fire.
    BYW, AR15’s are fast becoming serious hunting rifles, and have nothing whatsoever to do with “asault”, whatever the fuck THAT is….

    Anyway, the cat was shot because the Berkeley cops could not think of any other way to handle the problem. (This, too, directly from the police hack.)

    So, anyway, the cat is dead, and fucked up Berkeley “community members” can eat their fucked up gourmet food with no fear.

    TV NEWS sucks, by the way. I know. I bring it to the idiots who watch it.

  11. Joe says:


  12. Faxon says:

    Yes. Shotgun. Cops initially shot the lion in a backyard with shotguns, and after wounding it, the cat made it’s way to the sidewalk, whereupon it was shot with an AR 15.

    Fucking cops.

  13. sargasso_c says:

    I read that they are easily capable of killing a large man if cornered but they are nocturnal hunters and they avoid human contact. This time of the year females have half grown cubs to feed, which makes them more adventurous.

  14. Sparky_One says:

    because it would be inhumane to have used a taser

  15. msbpodcast says:

    And I bet that the meat wont be eaten.

    I think this might have been a story if the puma (another name for the beast that was shot, though it is also called a mountain lion and a cougar,) was been seen on a pile of human remains (the children referred to by #2, after being roused from their beds to “pet the kitty”. 🙂

    As it is, it just speaks for the extremely poor marksmanship and lousy weapons raining of the police force.

    If you can’t kill a puma with a single blast of a shotgun* get your ass to a practice range and don’t come back until you can blow away a target from twenty paces.

    Unless he was using salt or bird shot, that was unnecessary animal cruelty.

  16. msbpodcast says:

    By the by, what ever happened to calling the humane society and possibly saving the puma?

    That’s something else these yobboes never received any training in.

    Its one (phump) to the rump instead of (pow, pow, clink, clink) two to the head.

    The police in Berkeley are fuckin’ amateurs.

  17. McCullough says:

    #7. “To shoot pop bottles full of water and stick it on BoobTube.

    On rare, rare occasions you shoot them for more than to kill the sheer boredom of being on a ranch.”

    Nothing boring about being on a working ranch. Mostly I shoot over their heads to scare them off. But yeah, plinking beer cans and pop bottles can be fun too.

    #16. Bears are relocated, cats are territorial and usually come back.

  18. Mark says:

    They shot one in Omaha Nebraska a few years ago, but it survived and is now part of the normal zoo display.

  19. Scott M. says:

    This is very sad.

  20. bobbo, the event horizon before psychosis is says:

    For all the animal/nature lovers out there: this is nothing but one point in the MASSIVE EXTINCTION EVENT going on right now courtesy of mankinds need for lieberstraum. On land, In the Ocean, In the skies==mass extinction everywhere.

    Who here advocates for limitations on human population to save these competing species?

    Anyone????? Raise your hands and cut off your balls!

    Silly to lament the direct consequences of our express choices. Not long before the only zoo’s will be video archives.

    Silly Hoomans.

  21. bobbo, to the left of Obama says:

    short interesting article on point:

    I had never heard of the “econologists dilema” before and it seems to me totally answered by the “effects have not come due yet” rationale. We are building a house of cards that will grow ever bigger and taller–all the while more subject to a more terrible fall. Seems obvious.


  22. asmena says:

    I live in the area…there are many homeless who live outdoors in this neighborhood, church grounds and parks and surroundings…I guess sleeping at those hours they could be prey and also need protection.


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