This could be a setup or something since someone just happened to be recording when this happened, but is there anyone who hasn’t wanted to do this to some asshat’s phone being used at an inappropriate time?

  1. clapper says:

    My wife is thai and this is a thai ad for a mobile phone.

  2. BCComm says:

    The gentleman in question is clearly not a child. I doubt his boundaries were not well established beforehand.

    I’m not condoning the teacher’s reaction, but can certainly understand it. What amazes me is that anyone, (adult or child), would even have to be told that utilizing a cellphone during class is wrong. I mean, come on!

    It’s just completely blows me away that this guy thought it would be okay for him to answer the call. In the front row even! Has to be a setup… or as mentioned earlier, a commercial.

  3. BuzzMega says:

    Later, after she had calmed down, she slept with him to make amends.

  4. jerry says:


  5. redactor says:

    This does not surprise me AT ALL. I am in China and it certainly holds true that people just take calls in the theater, etc. Someone filming a lecture, not surprising there either… Ih the theater I shut some girl down who was taking calls in the middle of Avatar 3D… i got right in her face and said “why are you taking calls here” Since I was the only foreigner around, she got spooked and dumped the call.

  6. 888 says:

    If we (as a society) would have literally shot few assholes like this, no one would have ever again answer the calls in the class ot theater.

    Respecting private property etc bullshitters – dude, what about respect for all other students in the class and their right to have a class uninterrupted? (or moviegoers in theater to watch film uninterrupted)
    Rude assholes don’t respond to politeness.
    Do you talk rabid dogs to calm down, or do you shoot them and remove from the society?


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