1. ManusFerrea says:

    …but the Bush administration, I thought, was incompetent? and W only an average college student, by no means a man of such high IQ as to be considered an evil genius?

    I’m not certain, but lex parsimoniae challenges the conclusions of the conspiratorial… 🙂

  2. B, Dog says:

    I think there is enough doubt about the whole 9/11 mess that a serious investigation has become mandatory.

  3. LDA says:

    #26 bobbo, always eager to be shown the better way

    “Do you think the Federal Government (Bush again!) set a bomb off on Half Dome?”

    I know very little about it, apart from your eyewitness testimony (which I am told is rarely reliable), why, do you have reason to believe they did? I thought you said it just collapsed. By the way Presidents don’t run anything (and they better not forget it).

    You asked if they were “hero’s (sic) or saps” and then implied they were ‘saps’ (don’t be shy in correcting me if I am mistaken, I know you don’t like confrontation). I only agreed that your conclusion fits the criteria by which you judge their actions (as hero does for others).

    The fact that you ignore the clear evidence that they believed they were attempting to save lives and knew they could die when condemning them as ‘saps’ doesn’t invalidate you’re conclusion. If you do not think that is courage that is fine by me, clarity of thought is not a necessary criteria for personal opinions.

    P.S. “(sic)” I probably made mistakes too, but I couldn’t resist.

  4. BigBoyBC says:

    Conspiracy theorists always make the same mistakes:

    They assign more intelligence and ability to the conspirators. Especially to Government agencies who have a historical record of incompetence.

    They have a bad habit of interpreting the evidence to fit the theory rather than adjusting the theory to fit the evidence.

  5. LDA says:

    #28 Breetai

    Apparently some steel was tested. Whatever happened the investigation was inadequate and something is being hidden whether it is due to incompetence, complicity or something else.

    People should look up “Emad Salem”, his story is interesting, it is however hard to know what the truth about that is either.

    “…only logical conclusion… Nazi party…”

    There are many possible reasons to not question the official account. Not everyone that believes the official story is evil, they might even be correct. Some people that question the official story are nuts, most people are just dissatisfied with the explanation. Everyone should be prepared to change their mind if they are just seeking the truth.

  6. clancys_daddy says:

    29 One, you have way to much faith or naivete in the ability of government and two, you apparently have never worked in government federal or otherwise. If either of this is not the case than you are by definition a crackpot, and simple logic will not sway your belief in the fantasy you submerse yourself in.

    To all those conspiracy folks out there please find me some technical specs on this “nanothermite” stuff. You know like what, where, producers, applicability and application options. I have a building I want to bring down.

  7. MikeN says:

    >how can you explain that nobody noticed them wiring the buildings for detonation?

    Easy, Pres Bush’s brother was in charge of security.
    And why should someone notice. Do you notice what id happening in the stairwells of your building? If someone shows up wearing coveralls doing repairs, do you ask? After your building blew up, are you going to remember some repairs that happened weeks before?

    Expecting the people working in a large office building to notice people setting up the building for destruction is overreaching. It wouldn’t be too hard to schedule things when employees are not there to notice what you are doing.

  8. RBG says:

    6 McCullough “So the kid who says “People don’t understand, any one of these other building can go up, this aint over yet….”

    7 WTC, Marriot World Trade Center, St. Nicholas Greek Greek Orthodox Church collapsed & WTC6 had to be pulled down. The kid seems to know something about the effects of two collapsing 110 story buildings.

    27 Rex Marx 003 Surreptitious nano thermite paint. I love it. Like 2 fully-fueled peopled jets crashing into sky-scrapers wasn’t going to be enough. Good job on the stealth for a government that had no clue how to put a weapon of mass destruction into the Iraqi desert.

    Now, can I go back to sleep?


  9. bobbo, always eager to be shown the better way says:

    #33–LDA==well composed. You will be quite the opponent once you are not saddled with a ridiculous position.

    “Who you gonna believe: a conspiracy theory advanced by people with gaps wide enough to fly airplanes thru, or your own lying eyes watching the video tape?”

    I do agree, for too many, its too close to call.

    I was watching Dr Oz on the tube this afternoon playing a good game. To the question of which foods displayed had the best heart healthy oil, the two top answers were artichokes and asparagus. I’m sure they were truthers too. My favorite is still Rosie O’Donnel though: “Steel can’t melt.”

    I suppose I “should” go thru the comments above to pick out similar worthy comments–along the lines of the building fell at free fall speeds. Eyes like eagles and minds with built in atomic clocks they have.

    Yea, verily.

  10. jccalhoun says:

    Breetai said,

    July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber bashed into the Empire State Building.

    Max takeoff weight of a B-25: 41,800 lb (19,000 kg)

    Max takeoff weight of a 767-ER (make of the planes that his the World Trade Center): 412,000 lb (186,880 kg)

    Maximum speed of a B-25: 275 mph (239 kn, 442 km/h)

    Maximum speed of a 767-ER: 493 knots, 568 mph, 913 km/h at 35,000 ft cruise altitude

    So a plane that is almost 1/10 the size and capable of going a maximum of less than 1/2 the speed did less damage? No way. I smell a conspiracy!

  11. Mr Fog says:

    I think it’s time to do some real world testing. Those twin towers in Malaysia would do nicely.

  12. KMFIX says:

    Yes, lets do some real world testing, rebuild the exact same towers and then fly a few planes into them…


  13. ZZman says:

    Ever since unburned nano thermite dust was found all over the site I stopped worrying about the 9/11.That stuff would not find it’s way there unless it’s used as an explosive.

    A friend of mine’s car was burned two blocks away in a weird way (only half of the hood was burned and part of it almost through), other cars had similar oddities. He had collected the dust as a souvenirs in various objects and given them a way for friends (when he realized there was lot of asbestos in them). The original idea was to sell them on eBay. That’s how I got one little film can almost full of the magic dust.

  14. bobbo, always eager to be shown the better way says:

    ZZMan==or its the product of burning computers.

    Silly Hooman.

  15. jman says:

    this will blow your conspiracy theory minds.

    There’s absolutely nothing in that video that proves it was even filmed the same day. Everything there could have easily been filmed months later by truthers trying to force their own conspiracy

  16. jman says:


    has bought into crazytown, hook, line and sinker

  17. Lou Minatti says:


    has bought into crazytown, hook, line and sinker”

    Truthers are very gullible.

  18. jccalhoun says:

    ZZman said,
    Ever since unburned nano thermite dust was found all over the site I stopped worrying about the 9/11.That stuff would not find it’s way there unless it’s used as an explosive.

    Except it isn’t nano-thermite. It is most likely paint. http://forums.randi.org/showpost.php?p=4607894&postcount=1694

  19. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    So, where is the building that Flight 93 was supposed to hit? By the logic shown here, there will be one more building loaded with explosives or micro thermite….or fertilizer I guess. Can we find it?

    Get to work, believers, find that building.

  20. TheMAXX says:

    I saw this video long ago. I believe it was part of the french documentary that were following firemen around. Either that or fahrenheit 9/11. Looking at all the videos and engineering evidence I have been able to find my conclusion so far is that you have to be misunderstanding something if you think there were explosives involved. I don’t think there is any doubt the administration and many others knew it was going to happen and are traitors, but why do something with explosives that would leave so much evidence?

  21. RBG says:

    37 MikeN >how can you explain that nobody noticed them wiring the buildings for detonation?

    Easy, Pres Bush’s brother was in charge of security.

    Marvin Bush was on the board of a security company that had huge contracts globally.

    From The Washington Spectator:
    Marvin Bush was reelected to the Stratesec board of directors annually from 1993 through 1999. His last reelection was on May 25, 1999, for July 1999 to June 2000.

    But, don’t despair. Marvin Bush is also connected to the insurance company that insured a lot of WTC. Except…

    Bush left Stratesec after 1999 but remained an adviser to HCC Insurance. HCC lost $29 million at 9/11, largely from World Trade Center property losses, medical payouts in New York City, and workers’ compensation reinsurance losses.

    Do I detect a certain lacking as an inside man?

    49 Olo. Ha. Yes, of course.


  22. RBG says:

    50 The MAXX. “I don’t think there is any doubt the administration and many others knew it was going to happen and are traitors”

    Betcha there is doubt.


  23. NorCal says:

    Getting back to the “hero” thing – I’d say that doing their job even though they were scared shitless and knew it was pretty much futile made the firefighters my heroes. They’re certainly not the flight attendant who became everyone’s “hero” because he got hit in the head and walked off the job.

  24. TThor says:


    What is going on here…? This is a real clip or a reenactment? Not so, what I see and hear is scary!

    Freedom (TM) a reality?

  25. Mr Ed says:

    Everyone knows Bush/Cheney planned and orchastrated the whole thing. They should both be in prison.

  26. MikeN says:

    RBG, thanks. That does put a bit of a hole in my attempt at a coherent theory. I had read it differently, that he was in charge until Nov 2001.

    Olo, the 4th building is the White House. They had it all wired to go, with the plan to kill off all the Clinton holdovers, while their team was out of the building.

  27. clancys_daddy says:

    I reject your reality, and substitute one of my own,

  28. Rob Leather says:

    Sorry, but did that 3rd fireman say he saw a BLACK plane flying into the tower?

    Odd that, because it matches the colour in the videos of 9/11… even though it’s meant to be a silver one.

    How weird is that.

  29. RBG says:

    At 7:02 of this 9/11 CNN footage you see a “jet” black aircraft strike the WTC… as silhouetted against a bright blue sky.

    I have to shake my head as the commentator believes he is seeing the 2 jets hit within 18 minutes of each other as the result of a faulty “navigation system or some type of electronics” or “navigation equipment gone awry.”


  30. RBG says:

    The jet is both silhouetted against a bright blue sky and sun-shaded by the dark rising smoke.



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