1. B, Dog says:

    I think that people would prefer Rutan’s Mudfighter for thrills.

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #21 Doug – Thanks

  3. bobbo, in a socialist frame of mind says:

    Yes, nice video at #21==but I think the future of light weight, low cost, effective close air support is – - – drones.

    So, I wonder what any commander would rather have on his side: 20 of these Rutan craft or ONE modern fighter? That makes me think it would really come down to the quality of the ground support radar?–or not–as the modern fighters can track and shoot down up to X numbers of aircraft all on their own radar and fire systems?

    IE–yes, this craft is cheap and functional for what it does which is carry a gattling gun into the battle: very 1965.


  4. Rich says:

    The “lift” vehicle is bulky and graceful. It’s beautiful.

  5. Space Observer says:

    Sure it can reach space, it just can’t stay there. This is little more than modern man throwing a stick up in the air and watching it fall back to Earth. An orbital vehicle would be a real accomplishment. SpaceX has the right idea.